Appanoose County Fair Goal Sheets

Below are the goal sheets that you will need to use for the Appanoose County Fair!  If the 4H member is in 4th Grade, they will need to be printed on green paper.  If the exhibit is a County Only Creative Art, you will need to print on pink paper.  All other goal sheets will be white.  Colored paper may be obtained from the Extension Office.
Goal Sheet
Photography Goal Sheet
CloverKids Goal Sheet
Another helpful form may be the Check List of Requirements for the Appanoose County Fair.  This breaks down each project area and lets you know what you need to do before fair to be ready and eligible to show!
Check List of Requirements
2017 Clothing Event Forms 
These will need to be on colored paper for the Clothing Event.  Lavender for Seniors, Lime for Intermediates and Orange for Juniors.  If you would like to type these up, you can do so and bring in a copy or email to me a for me to copy onto the correct colored paper.
Junior Form   This form is used for all Junior events in the Clothing Event
Intermediates and Seniors will use the following forms.
Fashion Revue
Clothing Selection
$15 Challenge

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