Photography Project Ideas

4-H Project Ideas for Photography

Source: University of Minnesota Extension

Ideas for your project:

1.  Start your project early and take pictures all year round.  You might take pictures of the same scene in the four different seasons and compare/contrast the photos.

2.  Compile an album of the best pictures you have taken this year.  Provide captions for each photo.

3.  Create a slide show about your family vacation this year.  Be sure to include labels of the date and location of photo.

4.  Use a digital camera and/or digitally enhance your photos:  resize, crop, add or change color, etc.

5.  Experiment with black and white film and use a dark room to develop your own photographs.

6.  Take some candid action photos and place together to tell a story.  Then mount these photos on a poster.

7.  Experiment with different techniques:  still life photography, framing, angles, outdoor lighting, illusion tricks, etc.

8.  Use an adjustable camera and experiment with the lens and shutter settings.  Create an album, labeling the variations, and comment on what worked best and why.

9.  Take photographs of a common theme (patriotism, human emotions, environmental issues, my hometown, etc.).  Display them in an album or on a poster.

10. Become a photo journalist.  Write a feature article and use photographs and captions to illustrate.

11. Come up with your own activity, or call the Extension Office for more great ideas.  We also have several project books you can check out.  These books provide you with information on several photography techniques and include hands-on activities you can try yourself.

Links to visit for further information and ideas:

***Please note: these links will take you to a non-ISU Extension web site.

4-H Photography Publications:  Click here to get a list of all the Minnesota 4-H photography publications you can purchase.

Dodge County (Wisconsin) 4-H Photography Project:  Click here for even more links to professional websites and helpful tips for the beginning photographer.

Exposure:  Check out this site for neat tricks and techniques for experimenting with exposure.

Fitting a Darkroom Into Your Life:  Does taking and developing your own black and white photos sound exciting to you?  If so, check out this guide on creating your own darkroom.  Created by Eastman Kodak and the National 4-H Council.

Investigating Portraiture:  Use this guide to practice taking your own portraits of people and animals.  This Skill Guide was created by Eastman Kodak and the National 4-H Council.

Making the Most of Your Photo Skills in Your Future Career & Other Advanced Career Explorations: If you're interested in a career using your photography skills, check out this helpful guide.  It was created by Eastman Kodak and the National 4-H Council.

Solving the Mystery of Publicity Photos:    Use this guide to create and take photographs for your own publicity project.  This Skill Guide was created by Eastman Kodak and the National 4-H Council.

If you need more help or ideas, we have a variety of resources for you in the Extension Office.  Feel free to stop by or give us a call at 563-568-6345.

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