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Compost it!

Composting to Reduce the Waste Stream (NRAES 43) clarifies the details of home composting. An appendix provides step-by-step instructions for constructing compost bins. Other topics include raw materials, the compost process, composting methods, pile construction, using compost and troubleshooting.

Composting Yard Waste (PM 683) explains the materials needed for a compost pile and includes construction directions for building a three-bin composting unit.

If you are starting a compost pile in your yard or garden this year, look to Questions About Composting -- Reiman Gardens (RG 206) for answers to commonly asked questions about composting.

See what they’re doing in Fairfield — Fairfield Compost Day.

Are your landscapes sustainable?

A sustainable landscape is environmentally friendly and economically feasible. Creating a sustainable landscape reduces our individual “carbon footprint” and helps preserve the natural environment. Learn how to create Sustainable Home Landscapes (PM 2063).

When you create a pond or stream, you are creating a small ecosystem, an area where plants, animals, landscape and the environment all interact. Check Ornamental Water Features for the Midwest (PM 2097) to learn about various water features and concerns for each in a Midwestern climate.

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