Flower Gardening 4-H Project Ideas

4-H Project Ideas for Flower Gardening

Source: University of Minnesota Extension

Ideas for your project:

1.  Design and plant your own flower garden.  Take lots of pictures from the start through the finish and use them on display at the fair.  You might also include your original drawn plan in your display.  Keep a journal describing the plans you made and the work you did throughout the growing season.

2.  Contact one or more of the Master Gardeners and set up a time to interview them about their flower gardening experiences.  You might even volunteer to help one with his or her garden this year.  For a list of Master Gardeners and their areas of expertise, call the Extension Office.

3.  Visit a local florist and ask if you can shadow them someday.  Ask them if they'll help you learn some of the basics of flower arranging.  You might volunteer to help them do some cleaning or other tasks to thank them for their time.

4.  Do you know the difference between annuals, perennials, and biennials?  If not, how about doing some research on these different types of flowers.  Look up some information on these types of flowers and figure out which categories your favorite flowers fit in.  You might then plant all three types of flowers and observe what happens to them over the next few years.

5.  Set up some experiments to test the growing requirements of some flowers.  Some examples of variables to consider:  sunlight, water, amount of fertilizer, type of fertilizer, type of soil, temperature, type of mulch, music preference, etc.  Remember that you need to always provide a control flower and it may be best to only test one variable at a time.

6.  Do a demonstration for your club about your flower project.  Teach some other 4-H members how to design and plant a flower garden, how to make a corsage, how to make a flower arrangement, or a myriad of other ideas.

7.  Dry some of the flowers from your flower garden.  You can then use these dried flowers to make crafts or gifts.  You can make your own paper, potpourri, wreath, and other crafts.  Be creative!

8.  Do some research on flowers.  You could learn how a seed turns into a flower, including the required elements it needs to grow.  You could study how each part of a flower serves a specific function and then marvel at its design.  When your research is complete, you could create a report or display for your fair project.

9.  Do a study on weed control.  Work diligently to keep one section of your garden weed-free, but let the other area of your garden grow freely.  You might make a third section be weed-free and mulched.  Compare the difference in your flower quantity and quality when the flowers are in full bloom.

10.  You've seen those pesky insects in your garden - now learn what they are and exactly what they're doing crawling around on your flowers.  Check out some insect identification books from the local library and try to identify them yourselves.  If you get stuck, bring them into the Extension Office or a local nature center to get their help.  Then do some studying to find out if they are helpful or harmful little critters.  If they're helpful, you'll want to do what you can to keep them around.  If they are hurting your flowers, take the appropriate measures to get rid of them.

11.  Come up with your own activity, or call the Extension Office for more great ideas.  We also have several project books you can check out.  These books are full of hands-on ideas for you to learn more about flower gardening and arranging.

Links to visit for further information and ideas:

***Please note: these are non-ISU Extension web sites.

Backyard Gardener:  They've got all sorts of information on annual and perennial gardens, with even further references for you to check out. 

EmilyCompost.com:  An internet plot with a garden of information.

Extension's Garden Page:  Click here to get the U of M Extension's gardening information or ask a Master Gardener a question.<?xml:namespace prefix = "v" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" /> <?xml:namespace prefix = "w" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:word" />

Flower Garden Design, Ideas, and Tips:  Try these great do-it-yourself garden tips.

Flower Gardening PLUS Sheet:  This Project Learner User Sheet (PLUS) gives you ideas for how to plan and do your project. 

Visit GardenWeb to chat with other gardeners and for various resources on all types of gardening.

Perennial Flower Gardening:  Get perennial information from a gardener with 30+ years of experience.

If you need more help or ideas, we have a variety of resources for you in the Extension Office. Feel free to stop by or give us a call at 563-568-6345.


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