Ag Energy - Risk Management, Energy and Grain Issues

The 2005 crop season in Iowa has been one of incredible diversity and continues to be affected by weather locally and nationally that has Iowa producers facing tough decisions. To help farmers and other ag business professionals face these challenges and make better decisions on risk management, energy and grain storage issues this fall, ISU Extension specialists are offering information and tools.

Resources from Iowa State University

Presentation Materials

-- Energy and Tillage Presentation
-- Tillage Energy Requirements

Fall Considerations:

-- Saving Fuel in Field Operations
-- Protect Your Lungs Against Aflatoxins
-- Aflatoxins in Iowa
-- Mycotoxins in Iowa
-- Remember 50 Degrees F
-- Harvest Fuel Costs
-- Custom Harvesting Rates Affected by Higher Fuel Prices
-- What to Do With All That Corn?
-- Grain Storage Challenges in Iowa for the 2005 Crop
-- Renting On-Farm Grain Storage
-- Delayed Harvesting of Corn Increases Risk of Stalk Lodging
-- September 1 Stocks: Positive for Bean Prices, Slightly Positive for Corn


Web Sites:

-- Ag Decision Maker
-- Integrated Crop Management
-- Iowa Grain Quality Initiative

Other Resources:

-- Aflatoxin



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