Whole Farm -- Land Values

Farmland Value Surveys
Information Files
Farmland Value Survey (Iowa State University) -- C2-70 pdf file xls file  
Historic Farmland Values -- C2-72 pdf file xls file    
Farmland Value Survey (Realtors Land Institute) -- C2-75 pdf file  
Other Surveys
Farmland Ownership and Tenure in Iowa - 2012
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
USDA Agricultural Land Values and Cash Rent
Newsletter Articles
Iowa land values survey - results and outlook -- January 2015        
Comparing the stock market and Iowa land values: A question of timing -- June 2014        
Farmland value reaches historic $8,296 statewide average -- January 2013        
2011 Farmland value survey shows historic $6,708 statewide average -- January 2012        


Investment Analysis
Information Files
Value of Soil Erosion to the Landowner -- A1-75 pdf file  
The Do's and Don't's of Sealed Bid Auctions -- C2-81 pdf file    
Newsletter Articles
From farm crisis to historic land values, Duffy shares the economics of hope -- August 2014        
Comparing the stock market and Iowa land values: A question of timing -- June 2014        
What are the risks for farmland value? -- January 2014        
Have Iowa farmland values reached the top? -- October 2013        
What are the risks in today‚Äôs farmland market? -- June 2011        
Returns to farmland ownership -- May 2010        


Corn Suitability Ratings
Information Files
Iowa Farmland Legal Descriptions -- C2-85 pdf file    
Computing the Iowa Corn Suitability Rating for your Farm -- C2-87   xls file voiced media  
Iowa Township Names and Geographic Locations by County -- C2-88 pdf file xls file    
Soil and Land Use Website        
Newsletter Articles
CSR gets a makeover in forming the new CSR2 Productivity Index -- September 2013        


Information Files
Lease Supplement for Drainage -- C2-29 pdf file      
Understanding the Economics of Tile Drainage -- C2-90 pdf file xls file    
Newsletter Articles
Depreciating farm drainage tile -- February 2012        
Economics of tile drainage -- July 2010        


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