Whole Farm -- Leasing

Rental Rate Surveys
Information Files
Iowa Farmland Rental Rates (USDA) -- C2-09 pdf file  
Cash Rental Rates for Iowa Survey (Iowa State University) -- C2-10 pdf file teaching activity  
Historic County Cropland Rental Rates -- C2-11 pdf file  
Iowa Farm Building Rental Rate Survey -- C2-17 pdf file   teaching activity  
Newsletter Articles
Farmland rental rates increase moderately in 2013 -- June 2013        
Farmland rental rates show continued strength in 2012 -- March 2012        
Farmland rental rates increase sharply for 2011 -- May 2011        
Farmland rental rates stable for 2010 -- June 2010        
Cash rental rates up again, but slowing down -- June 2009        
Cash rental rates jump in 2008 -- July 2008        


Leasing Forms
Information Files -- Leasing Forms
Iowa Farm Lease Form -- C2-12 pdf file  
Iowa Cash Rent Farm Lease (Short Form) -- C2-16 pdf file    
Midwest Plan Service Lease Forms  
Information Files -- Leasing Supploments
Lease Supplement for Investing in Improvements on a Rented Farm -- C2-07 pdf file      
Lease Supplement for Obtaining Conservation Practices & Controlling Soil Loss -- C2-08 pdf file      
Iowa Farm Lease Termination Notice -- C2-19 pdf file      
Lease Supplement for Drainage -- C2-29 pdf file      


Lease Agreement
Information Files
Improving Your Farm Lease Contract -- C2-01 pdf file    
Do I Need a Written Lease – C2-03 pdf file      
Leasing and Land Ownership Terms -- C2-05 pdf file   teaching activity  
Lease Termination and Other Legal Considerations for Lease Contracts -- C2-06 pdf file     voiced media
Designing a Farm Resume -- C2-13 pdf file      
Developing a Farm Newsletter for Landlords -- C2-14 pdf file      
Survey of Iowa Leasing Practices -- C2-15 pdf file      
Leasing Arrangements and Self-employment (Social Security) Tax -- C2-41 pdf file      
Hunting Rights Leases -- C2-45        
Newsletter Articles
Gearing up for summer leasing meetings -- June 2014        
Farm lease types have different risks and rewards -- February 2014        
How is farmland leasing for 2014 shaping up? -- August 2013        
Flexible cash farm leases -- July 2013        
Conflicts between landlord and tenant -- April 2013        
Flexible cash leases and crop insurance proceeds -- October 2012        
Leasing issues and rental rates for 2013 -- August 2012        
Leasing issues and rental rates for 2012 -- July 2011        
Leasing issues and rental rates for 2011 -- July 2010        
Flexible cash farm lease considerations -- March 2009        
2009 flexible cash farm leases gain traction -- August 2008        


Cash Leases
Information Files
Computing a Cropland Cash Rental Rate -- C2-20 pdf file xls file teaching activity voiced media
Flexible Farm Lease Agreements -- C2-21 pdf file xls file teaching activity voiced media
Flexible Cash Rent Lease Examples -- C2-22 pdf file      
Computing a Pasture Rental Rate -- C2-23 pdf file xls file    
Computing a Grain Storage Rental Rate -- C2-24 pdf file xls file    
Renting Extra Grain Storage -- C2-25 pdf file      
Computing a Livestock Building Cash Rental Rate -- C2-26 pdf file xls file    
Creating a Flexible Swine Building Rental Agreement -- C2-27 pdf file      
Newsletter Articles
Iowa farmland values and cash rental rates -- July 2012        
Updating your cropland cash rental rate -- November 2011        
Lower prices and higher costs may squeeze cash rents -- September 2009        


Share Leases
Information Files
Crop-Share Leasing Provisions -- C2-30 pdf file   teaching activity  
Adapting Crop Share Agreements for Sustainable and Organic Agriculture -- C2-31 pdf file      
Fixed Bushel Rent -- C2-32 pdf file      
Considering Sustainable Agriculture on Your Rented Land -- C2-33 pdf file      
Beef Cow Joint Agreements -- C2-36 pdf file xls file    


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Decision tool xls file    
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