Livestock -- Cost & Return

Budgets and Record Summaries
Information Files
Livestock Enterprise Budgets for Iowa -- B1-21pdf filexls file teaching activity  
Organic Dairy Production Planning Concepts -- B1-24pdf filexls file  
Monthly Swine Feeding Returns -- B1-31 pdf file    
Monthly Cattle Feeding Returns -- B1-36 pdf file      
Estimated Livestock Returns        
Dairy Goats        
Newsletter Articles
Planning for the future with enterprise analysis -- December 2012        


Information Files
Managed Hay and Grazing of CRP Acres -- B1-60 pdf file xls file    
Value of Manure Nutrients -- B1-65 pdf file xls file  
Optimal Marketing Dates for Feedlot Enterprise Profitability -- B1-70 pdf file    
Ten Ways to Cut Cattle Feeder Costs -- B1-71 pdf file    
Retained Ownership Strategies for Cow Herds -- B1-72 pdf file      
Raising Versus Buying Heifers for Beef Cow Replacement -- B1-73 pdf file xls file    
Net Present Value of Beef Replacement Females -- B1-74 pdf file xls file    
Livestock Production - Specialize While Retaining Income Diversification -- B1-76 pdf file      
Cost of Organic Pork Production -- B1-80 pdf file      
Newsletter Articles
Switching to organic pork production has potential advantages and drawbacks -- June 2009        


Information Files
Revenue Insurance for Livestock Producers -- B1-50 pdf file xls file    
Livestock Gross Margin: A Risk Management Tool for Cattle Feeders -- B1-51 pdf file      
Risk Management Tool for Sheep Producers -- B1-52 pdf file      
LGM Dairy - A Risk Management Tool for Milk Producers -- B1-53 pdf file      


Government Programs
Information Files
2014 Farm Bill: Dairy Provisions -- B1-55 pdf file   voiced media
Weather-related Sales of Livestock – C4-28 pdf file      
Newsletter Articles
Farm bill and changes for dairy producers -- April 2014        
The agricultural act of 2014 -- March 2014        


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