Crops -- Storage & Markets

Storage & Handling
Information Files
Estimating the Cost for Drying Corn -- A2-31 pdf file xls file    
Corn Drying and Shrink Comparison -- A2-32 pdf file xls file    
Cost of Storing Grain -- A2-33pdf filexls file teaching activity
Grain Storage Alternatives:  An Economic Comparison -- A2-35pdf filexls file teaching activity  
Condominium Grain Storage -- A2-36 pdf file   teaching activity  
Computing a Grain Storage Rental Rate -- C2-24 pdf file xls file    
Renting Extra Grain Storage -- C2-25 pdf file    
Two-year case study shows energy used for grain drying -- October 2015        
Expect fall storage challenges -- August 2015        
Corn drying, shrink and storage decision tools now available -- October 2014        
Flooding and stored grain -- July 2011      


Crop Marketing 101
Introduction to Crop Marketing        
ISU Crop Marketing Information        
Basis, Futures Carry and the Cost of Storage        
Market Fundamentals (Supply/Demand)        
Technical Chart Signals        
Seasonal Price Trends        
Crop Marketing Strategies        
Marketing Tools: Futures        
Marketing Tools: Options        
Developing a Crop Marketing Plan        
Information Files
Grain Marketing Terms -- A2-05 pdf file   teaching activity  
Cost Terms -- A2-06 pdf file      
Newsletter Articles
Review crop marketing fundamentals in new video series -- June 2015        


Information Files
Corn and Soybean Price Basis -- A2-40 pdf file   teaching activity  
Corn Price Basis -- A2-41 pdf file   teaching activity  
Soybean Price Basis -- A2-42 pdf file    
July Corn Basis -- A2-43 pdf file    
July Soybean Basis -- A2-44 pdf file    


Marketing Tools
Information Files
Charting Commodity Futures -- A2-20 pdf file      
Grain Price Hedging Basics -- A2-60 pdf file   teaching activity  
Using Hedging in a Marketing Program -- A2-61 pdf file   teaching activity  
Hedging vs. Forward Cash Contracting -- A2-62 pdf file   teaching activity  
Grain Price Options Basics -- A2-66 pdf file   teaching activity  
Options Tools to Reduce Price Risk -- A2-67 pdf file   teaching activity  
Options Tools to Enhance Price -- A2-68 pdf file   teaching activity  
Grain Price Options Fence -- A2-69 pdf file      
Do You Need a Market Advisory Service? -- A2-70 pdf file      
Hedge-to-Arrive Contracts -- A2-74 pdf file      
Caution: cash flow problems ahead -- October 2016        
Selling spring and summer price rallies -- May 2016        
Watch demand and basis -- September 2015        
Five strategies for managing 2015 crop financial risks -- June 2015        
Using a basis contract to market corn -- December 2013        
Consider spring and summer price rallies for selling insurance bushels -- April 2013        
Selling your crop insurance bushels -- May 2011        


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