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Ag Decision Maker Teaching Activities: An educational tool for classroom instruction

AgDM Newsletter
September 2008

How does a busy high school or community college agriculture instructor keep his/her agricultural teaching curriculum up-to-date? How do you provide your students with an educational experience that is current and relevant?  How do you gather the most recent facts and current information during a busy day?  Ag Decision Maker has the answer.

Ag Decision Maker is an excellent resource for teaching agricultural economics and farm management topics in a classroom setting.  Ag Decision Maker provides unbiased information for everyday agricultural decisions and is an excellent resource for farmers, lenders, farm managers, agriculture instructors, and others. 

Teaching Activities

Specifically for agriculture instructors, Ag Decision Maker provides an array of Teaching Activities for use in high school classrooms. Students can complete the Teaching Activities from information provided in the Information Files and Decision Tools and save or print the document and provide it to their instructor.

Answer keys are available for all teachers through a restricted area of the Web site. The name and password are available by contacting Ag Decision Maker, agdm@iastate.edu.

The Teaching Activities available on Ag Decison Maker can be found at:


Ann M. Johanns, extension program specialist, 641-732-5574, aholste@iastate.edu