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Improvements to ag decision maker

AgDM Newsletter
November 2009

Changes to the Ag Decision Maker (AgDM) website and publications have recently been made to better meet the needs of our users. The print version of AgDM will remain the same, but website updates of Information Files and Decision Tools will switch to a bi-monthly format.

The Ag Decision Maker newsletter with Information File and Decision Tool updates will now be posted the middle of each month. The first week of each month another update will be done to include more Ag Decision Maker updates, as well as the Iowa Farm Outlook newsletter and the Ag Marketing Resource Center’s Renewable Energy newsletter. Notification of these updates is free and sign-up is available by e-mailing or through the Notification web page at:

A blog has also been created to answer frequently asked questions from clients. The blog will be updated several times a week with answers, upcoming events, and other resources on Iowa farm management and outlook for making well informed ag decisions. The address for viewing the blog is:


Ann M. Johanns, extension program specialist, 641-732-5574,