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Crop Decisions
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For raising crops, conventional and organic, markets, outlook, prices, machinery and more!

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Livestock Decisions
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For raising livestock, markets, outlook, prices, and more.

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Whole Farm Decisions
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For information on leasing, land values, or financial statements.

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Whole Farm
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Find information on feasibility studies, operations, marketing and more!

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Renewable Energy Decisions
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Ethanol profitability meter, biodiesel profitability meter, industry outlook, and more.

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April 2014 Updates

AgDM New and Updated Files

Crops - Cost & Return:
Corn and Soybean Loan Rates -- A1-34
Conservation Practices for Landlords -- A1-41
Whole Farm -- Cost & Return:
Get the Right Start in Hiring Employees -- C1-70
The Job Interview, and What Questions Can I Ask? -- C1-71
Whole Farm -- Land Values:
Historic Farmland Values -- C2-72
Farmland Value Survey (Realtors Land Institute) -- C2-75
Whole Farm -- Financial:
Twelve Steps to Cash Flow Budgeting -- C3-15
Cash Flow Budget (corn, soybeans and livestock) (Decision Tool) -- C3-15
Your Net Worth Statement -- C3-20
Comprehensive Financial Statements -- C3-20 (Decision Tool)
Your Farm Income Statement -- C3-25
Financial Performance Measures for Iowa Farms -- C3-55
Financial Performance Measures -- C3-55 (Decision Tool)

AgDM Newsletter

New farm program to provide enrollment decisions

Farm bill and changes for dairy producers

Conservation practices for landlords

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