160 Natural Resources and Stewardship


Responding to Ag Provider and Producer Needs for Reliable Information on Foliar Disease Management in Alfalfa (Lang)

Farmers' Ability to Interpret Soil Tests Increases both Profits and Water Quality (Lang)

Ag Chemical Dealer Update Increases Environmental Awareness & Profits (Fawcett et al)

Dealing with Bed Bugs in Iowa’s Pre-Schools and K-12 Schools (Shour et al)

Environmental Issues Updates for Feedlot and Dairy Medium CAFOs (Rieck-Hinz et al)

Soil Fertility – Understanding the Basics (DeJong et al)

Flood Recovery Webinars Support Food Security, Environmental Stewardship and Restore Productivity (McGrath et al)



Food Residuals Composting (Arora)

Natural Resource Conservation Education (Arora)

Farmland Drainage Education (Arora)

Management Impacts on Phosphorus Loss with Surface Runoff (Mallarino)

Utilizing Corn Residue for Bioenergy: Agronomic and Environmental Consequences (Al-Kaisi)

Strip Tillage and Cover Crop Programs in 2010 (Holmes)



Iowa Producers Learn how to Use Cover Crops to Reduce Erosion (DeJong)

Education and Outreach on Issues of Water and Soil Quality Across the State (Helmers, Hanna, Comito, Staudt, Andrews)

Farm Energy Conservation for Livestock Producers (Harmon)

Drainage Education in Eastern Iowa (Brenneman)

Reducing Electrical Use by Educating With Electrical Use Meters (Brenneman)

Iowa Livestock Farmers Improve the Sustainability through Manure Management (Kohl)

Conference addresses Renewable Wind Energy Generation (Arora)

Midwest Compost School addresses Compost Practices (Arora)

RUSLE2 and Iowa Phosphorus Index Workshops Follow-up Evaluation (Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation, Version 2) (Arora)


ISU Extension’s Response to EPCRA/CERCLA Reporting (Rieck-Hinz)

Strip-Till Field Day (Wubben)

The Citizen Effect on Watershed Management and Restoration of Natural Habitats (Morton)

Iowa State Research Shows that Iowa State Revolving Fund Loans Help Landowners to Invest More Heavily in Conservation and Leads to Recommendations for Program Improvements (Arbuckle)

Agricultural Drainage Workshop (Eveland)

Extension helps SW Iowa find comfort zone with wind energy (BreDahl, Carter, Eggers)

Swine Producers Protect the Environment through Manure Management and Mortality Disposal Planning (kohl, Stender)

Renewable Energy Alternatives:  Harnessing Wind (J Jensen, T Miller, Brenneman)

Tiling Designs Taught at the Iowa Drainage School (Arora, Brenneman, Helmers)

RUSLE2 and Iowa Phosphorus Index Workshops (Arora, Shouse, Licht, Rieck-Hinz)

Best Management Practices Addressed Through Composting School (Arora)

Certified Manure Applicators Learn to Value Their Manure Resource (Kohl)

The North Iowa Strip Tillage Expo (Hall, Johnson, Cummins)


Western Iowa No-Tillers (WIN) Demonstration Field Day (McDonald and Torneten)

Iowa Manure Management Action Group-Fact Sheet Series (Rieck-Hinz and Klein)

Drainage Design Workshops (Helmers, Brenneman, Kohl)

Aquatic Livestock Commerce Forum (Clayton)

Use of CNMP Core Curriculum for a Training and Certification through Iowa State University (Burns)

Liners and Covers for Agricultural Waste Storage (Burns)

Grand River Grasslands (Wright Morton)

Iowa Learning Farm Tour Promotes Soil Conservation (Fawcett)

The Midwest Strip Tillage Expo (Cummins)

Managing Grain for the Bio-economy and Protecting the Environment (Kohl, Hook)

Iowa Learning Farm Field Days Educate Farmers about No-till (Kassel)

Participants Learn the Art and Science of Farmland Drainage (Arora, Brenneman, Helmers)

Conference Looks at Feasibility of Owning Wind Generators (Arora, Jensen, Andrews)

RUSLE2 and Iowa Phosphorus Index Workshops (Arora, Kohl, Rieck-Hinz)

Environmental Awareness Program for Youth (Weiss)

Pork Industry Expansion and Community Relations (Euken)


Master Woodland Managers Course (Randall)

Mitigating Air Emissions from Egg-laying Houses (Xin)

No-Till Advantage Field Day Goes Multi-County (Burkhart)

Birds and Rotational Grazing:  Are They Compatible? (Pease)

Siting of Swine Facilities to Minimize Odor Concerns (Harmon, C Johnson)

Web Site Creation for Iowa Aquaculture Association (Clayton)


Beef Feedlot Operation and Environmental Management(Euken)

Citizen Involvement in Local Watershed Management: Building Extension Capacity  (Morton)

Fine Arts Extend the Influence of Environmental Educational Efforts (Taylor)

Dry Manure Applicator Certification Program (Klein)

Environmentally Sound & Bio-Secure Disposal of Livestock Mortalities (Glanville)

Education on Water Quality Impacts of Residue Management (Helmers, Hanna, Lundvall)

2007 Iowa Community Tree Steward Program (Feeley)

Anaerobic Treatment of Agricultural Wastes Course a Success! (Burns, Moody)

Demonstration of Improved Poultry Manure Nutrients Management (Mallarino)

Livestock Producers Test Their Manure to Enhance Utilization and Protect the Environment (Kohl)

Improved Drainage While Minimizing Water Quality Impacts (Brenneman, Helmers)

Protecting the Environment with Proper Manure Application (Brenneman)

Manure Nutrient Management Planning (Brenneman)

Making the Most Out of Your Manure Confinement Site Manure Management Workshops (Fawcett)

RUSLE2 and Iowa Phosphorus Index Workshops (Arora, Brenneman, Rieck-Hinz)

Assistance with Resource Planning and Nutrient Management (Arora)

Lower Coldwater and Palmer Creek Watershed Improvement (Derdzinski, Cummins, Rodecap)

Drainage Design Workshops (Kohl, Helmers)


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