150 Iowa Pork Industry Center



Young Afghanistan and Pakistan Extension Professionals Strengthened Skills In Extension Under US Model (Steinhart)


Sharing Information: Southeast Iowa Snouts and Tails Newsletter (Miller)

Pork Quality Assurance Plus Training (Miller)

2011 Regional Pork Conferences (Storlie)

Employee Management Workshop (Leu et al)

Managing the Unseen Employee, the Ventilation System (Stender)

Reducing Non-productive Sow Days (Mabry)



Risk Management for Pork Producers (Euken)

Pig Cents for the Future (T Miller)

Margin Maker for Pork Producers (T Miller)


ISU Extension’s Response to EPCRA/CERCLA Reporting (Rieck-Hinz)

Swine Disease Surveillance Developmental Efforts (McKean)

Regional Swine Conference (Steinhart)

Pre-employment Food Safety Training West Liberty Foods (Steinhart)

Economic Impact of Swine Facilities (Steinhart)

4-H Conference (Steinhart)

EPA Reporting Requirement Workshop Response (Stender, Kohl, Dewitt, Doran)

Summer Swine Seminar (Stender)

Advanced Swine Management Conference (Stender)

Niche Swine Producer Management (Stender)

Swine Producers Protect the Environment through Manure Management and Mortality Disposal Planning (Kohl, Stender)

Competitive 4-H Swine Class (T Miller)

Animal Handling and Welfare Power Point – Survey (McMullen)

Pork Workshops for Iowa 4-H Conference (McMullen)

Swine/Equine Showdown (McMullen)


Food Safety and Quality Assurance (FSQA) Youth Program (Chizek)

Development of a Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Detection System for Slurry Applicators (Burns)

Training for PQAPlus Advisors (McKean)

PQA+ Program Helps Packers and Producers (Mabry)

Development of Selection Tools Assists Producers World-Wide (Stalder)

Pork Quality Assurance Plus (Steinhart)

4-H Conference Swine Workshops (Steinhart)

Ventilation Principals Workshops and Training (Stender)

Niche Swine Producer Management and Records (Stender)

Group Tracker Management System (Stender)

2008 Iowa Confinement Site Manure Applicator Training (McMullen)

Southeast Iowa Snouts and Tails Newsletter (Miller)

Manure Management Plan Writers (Miller)

Sow Group Tracker Software Development (McMullen)

Pork Industry Expansion and Community Relations (Euken)

Pork Workshops for Iowa 4-H Conference (McMullen)

FSQA Certification for Youth (McMullen)

Pork Industry Expansion and Community Relations (Euken)


Farrowing Caretaker Training Using New Technology (Stender)

Development of a Sow Body Condition Scoring Tool for Pork Producers (Stalder)

Siting of Swine Facilities to Minimize Odor Concerns (Harmon, C Johnson)

Hands-on Nutrition Workshops (Stender)

PQA Plus Beta Test (McMullen)

Pork Production Safety System (Steinhart)

Field Pea Production in Iowa for Use in Swine Diets (Miller)

Nutrition, Choices for Health (Steinhart, Anderson, Stokes, Uthoff, Steiner, Gomez-Wittmer, Temple)

Two State Swine Conference (Stender)

Swine Reproduction Workshop (Steinhart, McMullen, Miller)

Food Safety and Quality Assurance Training (Miller)

Livestock Production in Your County (Weiss)

Working With the Youth Program (Weiss)

Midwestern Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Virus (PRRS) Market Swine Antibody Survey (McKean)


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