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Field Day Aids Small Dairy and Open Feedlot Producers in Managing Manure (Doran & Rieck-Hinz)

Feedlot Forum 2011 Helps Producers With Industry Issues (Doran et al)

Mono-Slope Beef Barn Open Houses Feature Air Quality (Doran et al)

Environmental Issues Updates for Feedlot and Dairy Medium CAFOs (Rieck-Hinz et al)

Managing Winter Cow Feeding with Weather Impacted Forages (Schwab et al)

Beef Cow Records/SPA (Schwab)



Pasture Walks-2010 (Leu)

Wildlife and Grazing (Sellers)

Cow Calf and Feedlot Meeting for Beef Producers (Euken)

Annual Forages to Extend the Grazing Season (Schwab)

Margin and Risk Management for Cattle Feeders (Leu)

Cornbelt Cow-Calf Conference/ICA Convention--2011 (Leu)

Employee Management Workshop (Leu et al)

On-line Synch (Dahlke)

ISU Extension and UNL Extension Cooperate on Revised Guidelines for Distillers Grains Feeding  and Sulfur for Beef Cattle (Loy)

Corn - Cattle and Salvage (Dahlke)



New Programming for Iowa and Nebraska Feedlots (Doran)

Alternative Forage Production and Costs in Eastern Iowa, 2009 (D Schwab)

Young Cattlemen Group (D Schwab)

Demonstrating the Economics of Managed Grazing Systems (D Schwab)

Forage Management Programming (Sellers)

Pasture Walk Focuses on Current Financial Climate (Doran)

2010 Iowa Beef Center Cow Herd Series (Leu)

Cornbelt Cow-Calf Conference (Leu)

Greenhorn Grazing (Leu)

Feedlot Meeting Targets Dairy Steer Producer (Doran)


ISU Extension’s Response to EPCRA/CERCLA Reporting (Rieck-Hinz)

Beef Cowherd Cost Control Strategies (DeWitt)

Beef Feedlot Cost Control Strategies (DeWitt)

Beef Feedlot Meeting Features Preparing for 2009 (Doran)

3-Area Cow Herd Profitability (Schwab, Busby, Leu)

Supplementing DDG’s to Beef Cows Grazing Cornstalks (Leu, Loy, Sellers)

Helping Iowan’s Understand COOL (Doran)

Cow Profitability Programs in SE Iowa (Leu)

Cow Herd Profitability (D Schwab)

Cornbelt Cow-Calf Conference:  Hitting the Target (Leu)

Characteristics of Manure in Bedded Beef Facilities (Euken)

Young Cattlemen Group (D Schwab)

Beef Cow Herd Efficiency: Cost Control Strategies (Sellers)

Beef Cow Herd Efficiency: Accessing Grazing Acres from Recreational and Wildlife Lands (Sellers)

Age Verification of Cattle for Export to Japan (Busby)

Tri-County Steer Carcass Futurity Program – Impact of Custom Feeding on SW Iowa Economy (Busby)

Feedlot Meeting Features Environment and Marketing (Doran)

Pasture Walk Features Cow-Calf Issues (Doran)


MACEP (Midcrest Area Cattle Evaluation Program) (Van Laar)

Feeding Corn Co-Products Educational Information (Thoreson)

Long Term Storage of Wet Corn Coproducts (Loy)

Iowa’s Cattle Feeding Comparative Advantage at High Energy Prices (Lawrence)

V.I.P.-Verified Iowa Preconditioned Adds Beef Value (DeWitt)

Growing Iowa’s Cattle Industry (DeWitt)

Evaluation and Observations of Total Sulfur Intake With Corn Co-Product Diets In Feedlot Cattle (DeWitt)

2008 Cornbelt Cow-Calf ConferenceChanges Continue (Leu)

Beef Up Your Forage Management (Leu)

Master Equine Managers (Schwab)

Cows or Plows? (Schwab)

Farm Bill Education (Doran)

Age Verification of Cattle for Export to Japan (Busby)

Tri-County Steer Carcass Futurity Program Impact of Custom Feeding on SW Iowa Economy (Busby)

Expanding Beef Feedlots in Iowa (Euken)

Ethanol Co-product Use (Euken)

Beef Feedlot Operation and Environmental Management (Euken)

Lick Tanks to Deliver Condensed Corn Distillers Solubles to Summer Grazing Beef Cows (Doran)

Beef Producer Tour Features Facility Designs (Doran)


Beef Sire Selection and Estrus Synchronization Systems (DeWitt)

How Much Corn Co-Products Can Be Fed To Beef Cattle? (DeWitt)

Young Cattlemen Group (Schwab)

Beef Blast 07(Schwab)

Effective Use of Co-products by Cow Calf Operations (Sellers)

Educating Iowa Beef Producers on Economical and Effective Use of Corn Co-products (Loy)

Iowa Beef Cattle Pre-Conditioning Program (Hartwig)

Growing Iowa's Cattle Feedlot Sector (Lawrence)

Living with Your NPDES Permit (Lally)

Lamb Feedlot Meeting (Doran)

Grazing and Forage Education (Sellers)

Organic and Grass-fed Beef: Opportunities and Risks (Leu)

Management and Use of Corn Co-Products in Beef Operations (Leu)

2007 Cornbelt Cow-Calf ConferenceA Year of Transition (Leu)

Beef Feedlot Forums (D Schwab)

Alternative Technologies to Manage Open Beef Feedlot Manure (Doran)

Furthering Research in Deep-Bedded Beef Facilities (Doran)

National ID (NAIS) Programming (Leu)

Calibrating Beef Manure Spreaders Saves Money and Protects the Environment (Kohl)

Extension Provides Assistance in Drought Management (Doran)

Helping Open Beef Feedlot Producers Be Environmentally Proactive (Doran)


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