Five Years and Wine Grower News Continues to Expand and Serve the Midwest Winegrape Industry

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Five Years and Wine Grower News Continues to Expand and Serve the Midwest Winegrape Industry

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The 2008 Iowa wine industry economic impact survey conducted by MKF Research  showed that for every $1 in Iowa produced wine sales, another $30.83 of additional economic activity was created in associated tourism, food, travel supply and entertainment industries.  This additional economic activity equates to job equation.  Similar economic impacts from the locally produced wine industry can be seen in other Midwest states. 

The Wine Grower News (WGN) e-mail newsletter provides an up-to-date stream of educational information to help  members of this industry grow their industry.

(Why is it important to address this issue with education?  What are the desired changes?)

WGN e-mail newsletter is the only newsletter of its type providing up-to-date technical, marketing and a calendar of educational events for the Midwest winegrape industry.  Wine Grower News also is the primary voice of the ISU Midwest Grape & Wine Industry Institute.

Providing current and relevant information to the Iowa and Midwest winegrape industry helps grow the industry throughout the Midwest.

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The first issue of WGN came out in May of 2007 with an approximate recipient list of 650 people. WGN #187 marked the final 2011 issue with a recipient list of 1,350+ going to 32 states and 5 countries.  Thirty-six issues of WGN encompassing 406 pages of information were published in 2011.   All issues of WGN, past and present are archived on the Midwest Grape & Wine Industry Institute searchable WWW site.  This provides easy access of information for visitors to the site.

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The number of Iowa wineries increased 38% from October of 2007 (67) through December of 2011(93).  Similar growth in the number of wineries has also been seen in neighboring states.   This type of growth in a young industry does not occur without an educational component helping to train members of the industry. WGN has provided some of this education.   Here are a few comments from readers of WGN over the last year that help to reinforce this statement:

Awesome pics!!!  Awesome newsletter edition.
MA – Kansas City, MO    12-7-10
I always enjoy reading your email newsletter.  You do a great job of combining informative and educational information that is surely helpful to folks in the grape and wine industry, especially in the upper Midwest.
      PR – Lincoln, NE 1-22-11
So cool!  I’m SO glad I’m on your e-mail list!  Thanks!
      CM – Des Moines, IA   3-3-11
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your newsletter every week and getting some informative information.
      HW – Parks, NE  5-1-11
I enjoy your newsletter.  I am sending your info to a friend in Germany who has 22 acres of vines on the Rhine.
      ST – Murphy, NC  6-12-11
Mike, I just want to share how much I not onl y enjoy but utilize what I'm learning from your newsletters. Thank you so much for putting all the great information together.
     DC – Cambridge, NE 8-19-11
Love your's one of my favorites.
     PP – Wooster, OH
I want to thank you for your monthly newsletter...I have learned equal to another college degree from you!
      MA – Manchester, IA  12-15-11
Like your newsletter.  A lot of good stuff in there.
      JM – Lake City, MN 12-17-11

Desired Changes

The primary goal of WGN is to provide timely and useful information to the Iowa and Midwest winegrape industry.  The increasing growth of the Iowa and Midwest winegrape industry along with the growth of the recipient list of WGN trend toward a positive correlation.   WGN seems to be one of the key information tools being used by this industry.

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Michael L. White
ISU Extension Viticulture Specialist
Warren County ISU Extension & Outreach
909 East 2nd Ave, Suite E
Indianola, IA 50125
Office: 515-961-6237
Cell: 515-681-7286

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 ­­­­­_____100 Corn and Soybean Production and Protection
­­­­­_____ 110 Dairy
­­­­­_____ 120 Farm and Business Management
­­­­­__x__ 130 Horticulture: Commercial and Consumer
­­­­­_____ 140 Iowa Beef Center
­­­­­_____ 150 Iowa Pork Industry Center
­­­­­_____ 160 Natural Resources and Stewardship

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­­­­­_____Global Food Security and Hunger
­­­­­__x___Regional Food Systems
­­­­­__x___Natural Resources & Environmental Stewardship
­­­­­_____Food Safety
­­­­­_____Sustainable Energy – Biofuels & Biobased Products
­­­­­_____Climate Change

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