120 Farm and Business Management


I Want to Be Able to Do That (Eggers et al)

MarketMaker Iowa Outreach (Tordsen)

Sharing Income and Risk through Modern Farm Lease Agreements (Edwards)

Managing Risk with the New Common Crop Insurance Policy (COMBO) (Edwards)

Flood Recovery Webinars Support Food Security, Environmental Stewardship and Restore Productivity (McGrath et al)

Ag Lenders Learn to Manage Technology and Risk in their Portfolios (Tranel)

Financial Competence Enhanced Through Annie’s Project in Clarinda, IA (Eggers)

Estate Planning needs addressed through the Clarinda, Iowa Annie’s Project (Eggers)

Long-term Client Writes Letter of Support (Eggers)


Vegetable Growers Learn How to Price their Goods for a Profit (Chase & Johanns)

Ag Marketing Clubs (Johnson)

Fields of Hope near Alleman (Johnson)

Margin and Risk Management for Cattle Feeders (Leu)

Annie’s Program Provides Conduit for Learning (Jensen)

Employee Management Workshop (Leu et al)

From Laotian Immigrant to Iowa Beginning Farmer (Baker)

Iowa Farm/AgBusiness Employers Have Resource, Training on Employment Legal Issues (O'Rourke)

Agribusiness/Economic Development Survey Conducted by Extension Professionals (O'Rourke)

Supplemental Revenue (SURE) Education Program (Johnson)

Young Farmers Qualify for Loans by Completing ISU Extension Home Study Course (Edwards)

Community Action Brings New Uses for Agricultural Land (Chase)

To Increase Profitability Vegetable Growers Learn How to Analyze Records and Make Informed Decisions (Chase)



Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE) Decision Tool (Edwards)

Farmers Make Better Decisions using the Farm Financial Planning Program (Duffy)

Enterprise Budgeting for Vegetables (Chase)

Increasing Information and Decision Tools for Alternative Enterprises (Chase)

Investing for Farm Families (Wells, Eggers, Jensen)

ACRE Program Education (Chase, et al)


Tool Time for Pre-Harvest Marketers  (Wubben)

Master Equine Manager Level II Functional Anatomy (Auwerda)

Extension targets female audience for farm management topics (BreDahl, Eggers)

Successful Launch of Renewable Energy Electronic Newsletter (Hofstrand)

Impact of Ag Decision Maker (Hook, Leibold, Tigner, Olsen, Johnson, Chase, Eggers, Wells, Jensen, Hofstrand, Edwards, Duffy, Johanns)

Farmland Leasing Statewide Effort (Chase, Eggers, Hook, J Jensen, Johnson, Leibold, Tigner, Wells)

Emergency Crop Production Program (Cummins, Lang, Tigner, Euken)


Annie’s Project (Wubben)

Iowa New Farm Family Project in Pocahontas County (Jenson)

Annie’s Project (Schneider)

Agricultural Credit School (Edwards)

Master Equine Manager Internet/In-Person Program (Miller-Auwerda)

Women Around Ag Conference 2008 (Peters, Peterson)

Southeast Iowa Pro-Ag Outlook informs Lenders and Ag Professionals (Wells, Jensen)

Managing the Margins in Todays Dynamic Environment (Wells)

Heart Healthy Soybean Oil Catches On (Jensen)

Exploring Agriculture and Iowa State University is a Fun Day for High School Students (Jensen)

Northeast Iowa Food and Farm Coalition (Chase, Ranum, Wiemerslage, Baier, Burkhart, Lane, Storlie)

Grain Margins (Chase, Eggers, Hook, Jensen, Leibold, Olsen, Tigner, Bob Wells)

Iowa Farm Business Directory Created Through Team Effort (Hook, Doran, Stender, Mondak, Avis, Grigg, McGuire)

Energy Agriculture Newsletter Articles (Hofstrand)

Ag Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC) Business Development (Hofstrand)

Ag Decision Maker (Hofstrand)

Evaluating Grain Storage Strategies and Costs with Ag Marketing Clubs (Arora, Johnson)

Farmland Leasing Arrangements (Hook)

Fields of Hope Near Polk City Involves FFA Chapter (Johnson)

Organic Transitioning (Chase)

Pricing for Profit (Chase)


Business Management Tools for the Small Producers of Grapes and Wine (Tordsen)

"Market Maker" Matches Food Products to Buyers (R Hansen, Laux)

Ethanol: Impact on Corn Price and Livestock Production (Wubben)

Women Around Ag Conference (Peters, Peterson)

Women, Land, and Legacy Program Provides Women with Farm Management Education (Matthiesen)

Annies Project Program (L Jensen)

Overall Women Conference a Conference to Todays Rural Women (Engelken Fischer)

2006 -2007 Tri County Ag Marketing Club Programs (Arndorfer)

Master Equine Manager Class (Andrews)

Pricing a Community Supported Agriculture Share Box (Chase)

Big-Picture Impacts of Rapid Expansion in Ethanol Production (Wisner)

Farm Business Enterprise Analysis (Smith)

Machinery and Labor Sharing Workshops (Edwards)

Soil Management and Land Valuation Conference Sets a Record (Duffy)

4-H Beef Blast (D Schwab)

Sharing Can Bring Dividends (Jensen)

Tiling Innovations Demonstrated at Field Day (Jensen, Brenneman, Fawcett)

Heart Healthy Soybean Oil Catches On (Jensen)

Using Enterprise Budgets for Decision Making (Chase)

Organic and Other Long-term Rotations (Chase)

Ag Marketing Club Improves Farm Profitability (Johnson)

Annies Project (Hook)

Farmland Leasing (Leibold)

Crop Advantage Series Has Multi Million Dollar Impact (Fawcett)

Training Agricultural Leaders to Help Farmer Clients (Chase)

Farm Vineyard Field Day (Chizek)

Buchanan County Amish Farm Safety Day (Bearinger)


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