2012 Crop Fair

Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension
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Title of Success Story

2012 Crop Fair

Public Value (now or future)
(Impact:  Who benefits beyond participants and how?  What conditions changed?)

The public benefits by farmers learning which disease, insects and other management strategies are not required on an annual basis to still maintain profitability.  Therefore they may reduce pesticide use in the environment.

(Why is it important to address this issue with education?  What are the desired changes?)

This process is need due the changing commodity prices and profitability of farm operations.  Often time’s farmers spend unnecessary money when they are more profitable.  This education promotes good practices no matter the commodity prices. 

(Outputs: activities, numbers reached, publications, products)

Two meetings were held in Pottawattamie county and Adair county.  Over 25 farmers attend the events and were given a Field Crop Insect book CSI 0014.

RESULTS (Outcomes:  specific changes that occurred in Learning, Actions, Conditions; how outcomes were measured)

Farmers verbally shared after the meeting that they would probability reduce the amount of fungicide sprayed on corn.  Farmers also indicated they would be more likely to monitor and follow corn rootworm refuge requirements. 

Desired Changes


The desired change for farmers at these meetings is to learn how to scout for insects and follow refuge requirements. 

Extension Lead(s)
(name, position, counties served, contact information)

Aaron Saeugling, Extension Field Agronomist SW Iowa
Erin Hodgson, Extension Entomologist
Alison Robertson, Extension Pathologist

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POW # and Team

 ­­­­­100 Corn and Soybean Production and Protection

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­­­­­_____Global Food Security and Hunger
­­­­­_____Regional Food Systems
­­­­­_XX__Natural Resources & Environmental Stewardship
­­­­­_____Food Safety
­­­­­_____Sustainable Energy – Biofuels & Biobased Products
­­­­­_____Climate Change

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Major Partners or Collaborators

Iowa Corn Growers Association, East Pott. and Adair County Extension

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