100 Corn and Soybean Production



Initial Research and Education on New Insect Pest in Corn (Lang)

Farmers' Ability to Interpret Soil Tests Increases both Profits and Water Quality (Lang)

ISU Extension Responds to Wind Disaster (Fawcett et al)

ISU Engages Farmers in Field Scale Comparisons and Provide Up to Date Information for Corn and Soybean Producers (Sievers & DeJong)

Grain Handling Challenges After Hail Events (Saeugling)

Iowa’s First Annual Crop Scouting Competition for Youth (Sisson et al)

Soybean Aphid Field Guide, 2nd Edition: Increasing Access to Pest Management Information Through an Extension and Outreach Publication (Hodgson et al)

Field Crop Insects: Increasing Access to Pest Management Information Through an Extension and Outreach Publication (Hodgson et al)

2012 Crop Fair (Saeugling et al)

Soil Fertility – Understanding the Basics (DeJong et al)

Flood Recovery Webinars Support Food Security, Environmental Stewardship and Restore Productivity (McGrath et al)

Ag Lenders Learn to Manage Technology and Risk in their Portfolios (Tranel)


Corn Yield Forecasts and Estimates (Elmore)

Development and Distribution of an Integrated Pest Management Curriculum to Secondary and Post-secondary Agricultural Educators (Sisson et al)

Development of the Iowa Weed Identification Field Guide (Sisson et al)

Nutrient Management Workshop for Forage Producers (Saeugling & Carlton)

Farmers’ Knowledge of Soil Tests Increases both Profits and Water Quality (Lang)

Revised Corn Fertilizer Recommendations Improves Profitability by $15 Million (Lang)

The 2011 Crop Advantage Series (CAS) Provides Relevant Information for Iowa Producers (Pringnitz et al)

Ag Chemical Dealer Update Continues to Have Multi-Million Dollar Impact (Fawcett)

Solving a Corn Storage Crisis at Livestock Farm (Kohl)

Farm Visit Has Monetary Impact (Kassel)

Goof Plots & Applicator Goofs Provide Teaching Opportunity (Fawcett)

Dealer Meeting Aids in Pest Management Decisions (Schmitt)

Employee Management Workshop (Leu et al)

On-farm Visits Generate Profits (Schmitt)

Internet-based Nitrogen Rate Guidelines for Corn Production (Sawyer)

Stewardship to Weed Management; Evolution of Herbicide Resistance (Owen)

Ag Professionals Learn a New Web-based Tool for Managing Soybean Aphid (Hodgson)

Utilizing Corn Residue for Bioenergy: Agronomic and Environmental Consequences (Al-Kaisi)

Producers Learn How Perennial Energy Crops Fit in Iowa Agriculture (Heaton)

Revise Alfalfa Fertilizer Recommendations to Adjust to a Changing Environment (Lang)

Evaluation of Land Rolling Soybeans (Holmes)

Response to Early Season Frost Injury (Holmes)

Response to June 18 Hail Storm (Holmes)

Iowa Farmers and Agronomists Use Extension Information to Make Decisions (DeJong)

Helping Iowa's Lower-yielding Soybean Growers Achieve Better Yields (McGrath)

Partnering with Pioneer Hi-Bred to Amplify Extension Research & Message (McGrath)

Iowa Farmer Today (IFT) /ISU Corn Soybean Initiative (CSI) Crop Blog Provides Info and Answers (Kassel)

ISU Research Shows Increased Profitability from Sulfur Fertilizer Application (Lang)

Helping the Grain Processing Industry Maintain Quality Control (Iowa Grain Quality Initiative) (Hardy)

Improving Grain Storage and Quality Management for Weather-damaged Crops (Hurburgh)

Fractionation in the Ethanol Industry Pays (Hart)

Producers Learn how to Implement No-till Practices (Saeugling)

Quality Control: Traceability of Bulk Commodities (Hurburgh)

Research Assistance and Support, Quality Analyses (Hurburgh)


Quick Notification of Uncommon Pest Avoids Significant Field Losses (Lang)

Targeting Producers’ Educational Needs Results in Increased Attendance and Participation at Extension meeting (Fawcett)

Revision and Reformatting of the Publication Nutrient Deficiencies and Application Injuries in Field Crops (Sawyer)

Persons Who Attend Successive Crop Advantage Series Meetings Report a Change in Crop Input Decision Behaviors (Kassel)

Farmers, Agribusiness Benefit from Crop Advantage Series Program (Kassel)

Field Days with CSI Partner Draw Large Crowds (Fawcett)

Agribusinesses and Farmers Interested in Working with ISU Extension (Licht)

Growers Want Information on Corn Row Spacing, Plant Populations and Planter Setup (Licht)

August 9, 2010 Hail Storm Disaster Response (Licht, Chizek, Duncan)

Hail Storm Response (Leibold, Euken, Holmes)

Soil Fertility – Understand the Basics (DeJong)

Advances in Precision Agriculture Expo (Fawcett)

On-farm Visits Generate Profits (Schmitt)

Crop Advantage Series Improves Profits (Schmitt)

Battling Excessive Advertising Claims with Research-Based Information (Lang)

Agricultural & Food Traceability Conference (Hurburgh, Lawrence)

Impact of On-Farm Research in NW Iowa (DeJong)

Still a Need for Unbiased Trouble-Shooting of Crop Situations (Lang)

Revealing the Best Kept Secret in Northeast Iowa (Lang)


Development of the publication Using Manure Nutrients for Crop Production (Mallarino, Sawyer)

Fungicide Information Presentation at Private Continuing Instructional Courses (PCIC) has Economic Impact (Kassel)

Assessing No-tillage Soybean Producing Practices in Iowa in Collaboration with the Iowa Soybean Association (Pedersen)

Timely Hay Market Information Supports Livestock Production and Marketing Notches (Barnhart)

Hub and Spoke Projects in NE and NC Iowa (Cummins)

Southern Iowa Considers Dedicated Energy Co-Op (Heaton)

Field Training and Roundtable Discussion of Residue Management (Al Kaisi)

Development of the Iowa Corn Field Guide (Mueller, et.al.)

Helping Farmers Assess Profitability Potential of Winter-Injured Alfalfa Stands (Lang)

Nutrient Management Workshops Assists Growers in Making Fertilizer Decisions (Carlton, Henderson, Swackhamer, McLain)

On-farm Visits Generate Profits (Schmitt)

Corn Leaf Disease Management (Schmitt)

Crop Advantage Series Improves Profits (Schmitt)

Emergency Crop Meetings Help Producers Make Decisions during the Floods of 2008 (Fawcett)

Soils 101 at the 2008 Integrated Crop Management (ICM) Conference (Kassel)

Biotechnology Outreach Tour to Germany Helps Iowa Farmers (Kassel)

Crop Advantage Series Garners Clientele Value (Licht)

CSI Partner Helps to Highlight Nitrogen Management in a Wet Year (Fawcett)

Crop Production Education Through Radio Media (Kassel)

Increasing Audience Participation, Ownership, and Knowledge with “Clicker” Technology During Private Pesticide Applicator Training (Jensen)

Double Cropping Soybeans and Winter Cereal Grains for Forage (Jensen)

Western Iowa No Till Field Day (WIN) (Jensen)

Crop Advantage Series Has Potential Impact of $5 Million in Increased Profits (Fawcett)

Corn/Soybean Initiative On-Farm Research (Cummins)

Corn/ Soybean Initiative On-Farm Research – North Central Iowa Research Association (NCIRA) Annual Meeting (Cummins, Holmes, Kassel, Hill)

Media Outlets are Valuable to Extension’s Mission (Licht)

The North Iowa Strip Tillage Expo (Hall, Johnson, Cummins)

Economic Response to Sulfur Fertilization in Northeast Iowa (Lang, Sawyer)

Corn Population Trials Propel Allee On-Farm Trial Project (Licht )

Update on Ethanol and Soy Processing in Iowa (a project of the Iowa Grain Quality Initiative (Hardy)

Grain Storage Training Module (Shepherd)

The Continuing Problem with Weed Resistance and the Need for Herbicide Stewardship (Owen)

Proper Scouting for Soybean Aphid Saves Winneshiek County Farmers about $680,000 (Lang)

Minimizing Starch Consumption by Finishing Pigs: Demonstrated and Theoretical Approaches (Lammers, Honeyman)

Corn Use as Livestock Feed in Iowa (Lammers, Honeyman)

Sheldon Crop Advantage Conference Helps Producers Make Better Decisions (DeJong)

Introducing the New Woodbury County Soil Survey (DeJong)

Emergency Crop Production Program (Cummins, Lang, Tigner, Euken)


Grain Storage Training Module (Shepherd)

Floods of 2008 Crop Decisions (Fischer)

Development of six soybean management factsheets (Managing soybean for high yield, Optimum plant population in Iowa, Soybean planting date, Row spacing in soybean, Managing soybean cyst nematode, and Variety selection) in collaboration with the Iowa Soybean Association (Pedersen)

Field Training and Roundtable Discussion of Residue Management (A-Kaisi)

Web-Based North Central Extension-Industry Soil Fertility Conference Proceedings Reports (Sawyer)

Multi-Industry/University Partnership To Development A Combine Sanitation Standard For Identity-Preserved Grain Markets (Hanna, Jarboe)

The Need for Herbicide Stewardship (Owen)

Promotion of Integrated Weed Management Systems (Hartzler)

Development of the Iowa Soybean Disease and Pest Management Field Guide in Collaboration with the Iowa Soybean Association (McGrath, Mueller, Pedersen, Pope, Rice, Robertson, Schaefer, Tylka)

Confinement Site Manure Applicator Certification (Steinhart)

Soybean Aphid Management Update (Schmitt)

On-farm Visits Generate Profits (Schmitt)

Crop Advantage Series Improves Profits (Schmitt)

Canada Thistle Management in CRP Demonstration Plots Provides Statewide & Nationwide Education (Fawcett)

Corn Soybean Initiative Improves Exposure of ISU Extension to Farmers (Lang)

Agronomic Hub and Spoke Demonstration Project (Cummins)

Value Found in Ag Chemical Dealer Update (Licht)

Forages:  Soil Testing, Fertilization, and Cost of Production Workshops (Carlton)

Farm Visits Benefit Farmers (Kassel)

CSI Partners Help to Educate Producers about Fungicide Use on Corn (Fawcett)

Soybean Pest Management (Cummins)

Farmers Use ISU Research To Adjust Soybean Planting Dates, Rates (Kassel)

The Midwest Strip Tillage Expo (Cummins)

Research Roundtable (McGrath)

Email Newsletter Used for Weekly Radio Spot (Lang)

Cooperative On-Farm Research Improves Farmers Corn Yields by Over 25% (Lang)

An Introduction To The Digitized Soil Survey - The Digitized Soil Survey For Ag Professionals (Cummins)

Agronomic Hub and Spoke Demonstration Project (Cummins)

Radio Interviews with KICD Radio Station Reach the Farming Public (Kassel)

Youth Crop Scouting Promotes Science and Technology for Future Agribusiness Professionals (Licht, Ehlers)

Aflatoxin Awareness in NW Iowa (DeJong)

EQIP Nutrient and Pest Management Training (DeJong)

Creative Arrangement for On-Farm Research by ISU Extension Finds Local Answers on a Budget (Lang)

CSI Partners Value Opportunities for On-Farm Trials (Licht)

First Crop Advantage Series in Ottumwa is a Huge Success! (Carlton)

Crop Advantage Series Participants Indicate Average Value of Attending Conference Was Over $10,000 Each (Fawcett)


Coordination of a Week-Long Training/Retraining for the Soybean Rust Fast Track System (Mueller)

An Unseen Audience: Communicating Corn Production Information Via the Web (Elmore, Albendroth)

Coordination of a Soybean Rust Training in Quincy, FL for ISU Extension Personnel, Corn and Soybean Initiative Partners, and Soybean Rust Fast Track Participants (Mueller, McGrath, Tylka))

Use of Clickers to Increase the Knowledge of and Interaction Between Workshop Participants (Robertson)

BIGMAP Symposium Series (Wolt)

A Special Corn-Following-Corn Extension Effort (Pope)

The Worth County Corn and Soybean Clinic (D Johnson)

No-Till Advantage Field Day Goes Multi-County (Burkhart)

The NW Iowa Crop Advantage Conferences (DeJong)

Nitrogen Fertilizer Usage Reduced in Corn Production with Adoption of New Technology (Hanna)

Soybean Planting Date Matters More than Most Believe (Pedersen)

Hands-on Field Training to Promote Conservation Systems (Al-Kaisi)

Regional Corn Nitrogen Rate Calculator (Sawyer)

Response to Crop Producers Experiencing Severe Summer Drought (Barnhart)

Development of a Regional Bulletin on Glyphosate (Hartzler)

Survey Indicates Positive Impact of the Plant Disease Clinic (Engelbrecht)

Sulfur Deficiency in Alfalfa a Popular Topic at the Hay Expo (Lang)

Managing Grain Tainted by Mycotoxins (Schmitt)

Western Bean Cutworm A New Pest for Eastern Iowa Corn (Schmitt)

On-farm Visits Generate Profits (Schmitt)

Crop Advantage Series Improves Profits (Schmitt)

Farm Visits Produce Economic Benefit (Kassel)

Personal Contacts Are a Valuable Extension Component (Licht)

Renewing or Extending CRP Contracts (Johnson, Licht, White, Carlton, Sellers)

Crop Advantage Series Meeting Has Economic Impact (Kassel)

No-till, The Time is Right Conference (DeJong)

EQIP Nutrient and Pest Management Training (DeJong)


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