150 Environmental Stewardship


Cooperation with ISU Extension Staff, Government Agencies, and Private Industry to Conduct Tile Drainage Water Quality Research and Education (Fawcett)

Big Sioux River Water Monitoring Project (DeJong)

Environmentally Sound and Bio-Secure Disposal of Livestock Mortalities (Glanville)

Sustainable, Cost-Effective, Performance-Based Environmental Management (Rodecap)

Use of CNMP Core Curriculum for a Training in Conjunction with Iowa State University and The Heartland Regional Water Quality Team (Burns, Moody)

Air Quality Solutions for Swine Producers: Examining the Options (Harmon, Powers, Xin, Burns, Hoff, Tyndall, Shouse, Arora)

Building Regional Capacity for Local Citizen Involvement in Local Watershed Management Decision Making (Morton)

Drainage Water Quality in Iowa (Helmers)

The Iowa Learning Farm Project: Promotion of Conservation Systems (Al-Kaisi, Licht)

Nature-Mapping:  Iowa's Citizen-Driven Wildlife Monitoring Program (Pease)

Drainage Design Workshops (Arora, Helmers, Kohl, Shouse, Meyer, Brenneman)

Wildlife Habitat Education (Brenneman)


First Energy Efficient Healthy Homes Conference is Well Received (Meyer)

Building Watershed Communities (Morton)

Drainage in Iowa and Opportunities for Drainage Design to Incorporate Economic and Environmental Aspects (Helmers)

Environmental Awareness Tour (Cummins)

Environmentally Sound & Bio-Secure Disposal of Livestock Mortalities (Glanville)

Helping Beef Producers Meet Environmental Regulations (Doran)

Hub and Spokes: Tillage and Manure Management (Al Kaisi, Licht)

Implementation of feeding practices to promote environmental stewardship (Powers)

Managing Watershed Agricultural Contaminants in Northeast Iowa (Rodecap)

Youth Educator Workshop on Connecting Learning and Living to Agriculture (Naeve)

Tile Drainage Research (Brenneman)

Wind Energy Conference (Brenneman)


Environmental Stewardship Using Conservation Practices (Arora)

Extension's Rapid Response to Environmental Public Policy (Doran)

Open Lot Runoff Control Field Days Promote New Diked Grass Filter Concept and Unity Among Designers and DNR Field Staff  (Meyer)

"Get Down, Dig In, and Get Wet!" Summer Day Camps (Burkhart)

Nitrate Levels in Water Threatened Iowa Town (DeJong)


Women in Agriculture Workshops: Exploring On-Farm Conservation Opportunities (Arora)



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