147 Sustainable Agriculture


Facilitating Farmer-scientist Collaboration Furthering Sustainability (Exner)

Plant Disease Clinic Unbiased Diagnoses Survey (Flynn)

Environmentally Sound and Bio-Secure Disposal of Livestock Mortalities (Glanville)

Facilitating the Multifunctional Potential of Goat Enterprises (B. Wells)

Cedar River Watershed CSP Meeting Series (Cummins)


Advancing Alternative Swine Systems by Engaging Vets, Producers, and Other Ag Professionals (Exner)

Facilitating the Multifunctional Potential of Goat Enterprises (Wells)

Implementing High Tunnel Technology (DeWitt)

Organic Flax Production Expands in Iowa (Delate)


Helping Farmers Evaluate Forage Stand Persistence (Lang)

Grasslands Managers Introduced to Additional Forage Species (Bredahl )


2002 Pasture Walk Series (Bredahl)

Pasture Walk Educational Programs (Leu)

Tri-County Rural Water Quality Project (Cummins)


Individual Consultations (Brenneman)

Prairie and Fossil Park Developed (Cummins)

Lenox Farmer's Market (Brantar)

Youth Enter National History Day Competition (Cummins)


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