142 Integrated Pest Management / Integrated Crops Management


Soybean Disease Survey Helps Clients Decisions (Kassel)

Enhancing Knowledge in the Production Agriculture Community (Rice)

Educating Iowa Residents About Brown Recluse Spiders (Holscher)

Promotion of Integrated Weed Management Systems (Hartzler)

Evaluation of the 2006 IPM Field Crop Scout School (Hornstein)

Diagnosing Soybean Stem Diseases (Robertson)

The Corn and Soybean Initiative Builds Ties Between Iowa State University Extension and Peer Private-Sector Industries (Pope)

New Soybean Seeding Rate Recommendations in Iowa (Pedersen)

Evaluation of Commercial Greenhouse Pesticide Applicator Continuing Education Courses (Naeve)

Provide Up-To-Date Information on Asian Soybean Rust to First Detectors, Triage Members, and Relevant Campus Personnel (Mueller)

Storm Lake Crop Advantage Series Has Impact on Persons Who Have Attended Multiple Years (Kassel)

Impacts of Private Pesticide Continuing Instruction (DeJong)

Managing Corn Tainted by Aflatoxin (Schmitt)

Radio Shows Reach Thousands of Clients (McGrath)

ISUE Agronomists Email Update Valuable (McGrath)

ICM and Nutrient Management Training for Crop Producers, CSI Partners and Others attending the Crop Advantage Series (CAS) Annual Meetings, Osceola (John Kennicker, Carlton, White)

Spirit Lake Crop Advantage Series has Impact on Persons who have Attended Multiple Years (Kassel)

Ag Chemical Dealers Estimate ISU Extension Program Has Multi Million Dollar Impact (Fawcett)

Just-in-time Information for Crop Producers and Crop Advisors (DeJong)

Cedar River Watershed CSP Meeting Series (Cummins)

Agronomic Hub and Spoke Demonstration Project (Cummins)


On-farm Visits Generate Profits (Schmitt)

Watershed Projects Improve Profits (Schmitt)

Crop Advantage Series Improves Profits (Schmitt)

Farm Visits Document Economic Impact (Kassel)

Aflatoxin Plagues the Southeast Iowa Corn Crop (Carlton, Swackhamer, McLain)

N.W. Area Extension Ag Newsletter Saves Time and Money (Vagts)

A Four-State Western Bean Cutworm Pheromone Trap Network to Track Moth Emergence and Improve Scouting (Pope)

Adoption of Improved Alfalfa Establishment Methods (Barnhart)

CSP Recipients Benefit from Long-term Extension Assistance (Cummins, Lang)

Expanded Integrated Pest Management Scout School Includes Hands-on Field Session (Hornstein)

Introducing and Surveying New Weed Problems (Schaefer)

Know Your Spots:  Hands-on Training on Foliar Disease Identification in Soybeans (Robertson)

On-Farm Study Answers Questions on Deep Tillage (Kassell)

Plant Disease Clinic Impact (Flynn)

Preserving the Value of Weed Management Tools (Hartzler)

Refinement of Field Scouting for Western Bean Cutworm with a Cooperative, Four-State Trapping Network (Rice)

Soybean Pest Management (Cummins)

The Continued Evolution of Herbicide Resistant Weed Populations Implications and Potential Economic Consequences to Iowa Crop Production (Owen)

Timely Email Newsletter Minimizes Unnecessary Use of Insecticide (Lang)

Certified Crop Advisor Training (Fawcett)

Crop Advantage Series (DeJong)

Farm Visits Have Economic Impact for Area Soybean Farmers (Kassell)

Farmer Survey Identifies Pest Management Trends, Needs and Information Sources (Vagts)

Soybean Rust Fast Track is Fast (Lang)

Teaching Herbicide Injury Symptoms at FEEL (Fawcett)

Cooperative/Client Soybean Rust Training (McGrath)

Crop Advantage Series Meetings Produce Long Term Results and Economic Impact (Kassell)

Crop Notes Newsletter (Cummins)

Extension to Agriculture (DeJong)

Training Professionals So They Can Pass the CCA Exam (Fawcett)

Western Bean Cutworm Training--Timely and Effective (McGrath)


Ag Chemical Dealer Update, Iowa City (Fawcett)

Crop Update Newsletter (DeJong)

Farm Visits Have Economic Impact for Area Corn Farmers (Kassell)

"Grapes 101" Presentation at 2004 ICM Conference (White)

Implementing the Agronomic Hub and Spoke Strategy (Cummins)

"Ag Chemical Dealer Update" Meetings (Schmitt)

Crop Advantage (Schmitt)

"Crop Update" Newsletter (DeJong)

Extension Responds To Rain, Hail and Soil Erosion Damage To Crops (Kassell)

Farm Visits Have Impact For Area Farmers (Kassell)

Growers Improve IPM Skills at Cooperative ISUE/Dealer Meetings (McGrath)

Responding to Hail in Northwest Iowa (DeJong)

Soybean Rust: Issues and Facts (Schmitt)

Western Bean Cutworm Training--Timely and Effective (McGrath)

Worth County Extension Corn and Soybean Clinic (Johnson)

Crop Advantage Series (CAS) Meetings Yield Savings (Kassell)

Extension Farm Visits with Ag Chemical and Fertilizer Dealers With an Economic Impact (Kassel)

Local Extension Crop Newsletter Enhances Crop Management for West-Central Iowa Farmers and Agricultural Industries (Vagts)

Soybean Aphid 2004 (Carlton)

Soybean Aphid Web Page Helps with Aphid Outbreak (Vagts)

Soybean Aphids Management (Schmitt)

Agricultural Chemical Dealer Update (Fawcett)

Electronic Crop Updates (Fawcett)


Certified Crop Advisor Training (Fawcett)

Email Crop Reports Receive High Ratings by Farmers (Lang)

Field Crop Storm Damage Assessment (Vagts)

White Grub Infestations (Schmitt)


Contaminated Spray Tank (White)

Bean Leaf Beetle Damage (White)

Water Shed Clean-Up Plan (White)

Northern Corn Rootworm Field Test (Kassel)

Crops Specialist Saves Farmer $10,000 (Schmitt)

Damaged Soybean Field Not Re-Planted (Schmitt)

Youth Insect Program (Fischer)

EQIP Implementation Update (DeJong)

A Growing E-mail Network Increases Awareness of Crop Problems (Lang)

Quick Action on New Pest Saves Farmers One Million Dollars (Lang)

Response to Northern Corn Rootworm Infestation (Kassel)

Soil Test Instruction is Profitable and Environmentally Sound (Lang)

Agri-Business Newsletter (Vagts)

Crop Advantage Series (Fawcett)

Crop Field Visits (DeJong)

Crop Update Newsletter (DeJong)

Integrated Crop Management Conference (McGrath)

Nitrogen and Carbon Management in Corn (Fawcett)

Precision Agriculture (Cummins)

Soybean Crop Management (Schmitt)

Tile Drainage Project and Field Day (Brenneman)

Weed Management in Corn (Fawcett)



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