121 Adding Value and Enhancing Agricultural Products


HACCP Workshop for Meat Processors, Poultry Processors and Egg Processors October 13-15, 2005 (Cordray, Ahn)

Master Equine Manager Training (D Miller)

Development of Storage and Handling, Transport, and Processing Equipment Training Modules for USDA-APHIS Biotechnology Regulatory Services (Hanna, Jarboe)

Workshops Promote Adding Value to Agriculture through Organic Production (Laux, Schultz, Smith)

Value Added Agriculture Forums (Schultz)

Agriculture Marketing Resource Center (Holz-Clause)

International Outreach in Value Added Agriculture (Gibler, Schultz)

Agritourism (Geisler)

Eden Natural LLC and Niche Pork Marketing (Clause, Reg)

Extension work in North-Central and Eastern Afghanistan (Burden)

The Total Wine Package (Tordsen)

Forging a Strategic Plan for a Stronger Local Food & Farm Economy in NE Iowa (Ranum, Wiemerslage, Baier, Chase)

Diagnosis of Poultry Diseases (Trampel)

Developing a New Flax Market with Iowa Growers (Smith)

Co-products and Iowa's Cattle Industry (Hartsook)

Bridging the Gap:  What does it take to bring small and medium-sized producers together with foodservice and retail distributors? (Hardy)

Organic Agriculture (Chase, Eggers)

Regional Strategic Planning (Chase, Ranum)

Using Enterprise Budgets for Decision Making (Chase)

Dairy Digester/Separator Open House Draws from Five States (Meyer)

Iowa Farm Producer Group Competes with the Large Agribusiness Companies by Taking Iowa State University to the Marketplace (Jensen)


Herbicide Section 18 Emergency Exemption Labeling use Request for Azuki (alternative crop) Production in Iowa (Kennicker and Hartzler)

Iowa State University Research is Integrated into New Soybean Products Produced by Iowa Farmers (Jensen)

Double Cropped Field Peas Add Value to Swine Operations (Fawcett)

Thirty-Four Potential New Wineries Receive Training (White)

BBQ Spring Training Camp May 7, 2005 (Cordray)

Biodiesel Awareness - Educational Programs (Hansen)

Building Infrastructure for Community Economic Development (Padgitt)

Development of Planter and Harvester Equipment Training Materials for USDA-APHIS Biotechnology Regulatory Services (Hanna, Jarboe)

Diagnosis of Poultry Diseases (Trampel)

Economic Importance of Local Farmers' Markets (Otto)

First Ever "Iowa Wine Festival" a Success (White)

Flax as an Alternative Crop in Iowa (Smith)

Green Bean: Alternative Crops for Greene County (and Iowa) (Holz-Clause)

HACCP Workshop for Meat Processors, Poultry Processors and Egg Processors October 21-23, 2004 (Cordray, Ahn)

International Animal Health Alliance (Hartwig)

Iowa State University/ConAgra Foods 2004-2005 Meat and Poultry Black Belt Training (Cordray)

Iowa State University/ConAgra Foods Brown Belt Meat and Poultry Training Program (Cordray, Ahn)

Understanding Biopharming Train the Trainers (Wolt)

Value Added Agriculture Programs for Beginning Farmers (Schultz)

West Liberty Foods/Mount Pleasant Center Food Safety Training Program, Mount Pleasant, Iowa (Cordray)

Quality Management Systems Training (Laux)

Series of Sausage and Processed Meat Short Courses: Basic Sausage, Cured Meats, Dry and Semi-Dry Sausage, Sausage and Processed Meats (Cordray)

The Total Wine Package (Tordsen)

Local Farmers Form Company to Market Their Produce (Jensen)

New Food and Farming Ventures Training (Chase)

Two Rivers Grape & Wine Cooperative Becomes a Reality (White)

Ag Marketing Resource Center has a New Look (Hofstrand)

Ag Ventures Alliance Members Receive $11.5 Million in Profits (Hofstrand)

Beef Feedlot Producer Meeting Features National Policies (Doran)

Food Safety Training for Iowa Turkey Growers (Steinhart)

Gold Tags Add to Feeder Cattle Value (Doran)

Growing Vegetables as an Alternative to Commodity Grain (Chase)

Increasing Sheep Flock Profitability for New and Experienced Producers (D DeWitt)

Innovative Growers Signs Contract to Provide Low Linolenic Soybeans (Hofstrand)


Ag Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC) (Hofstrand)

Ag Ventures Alliance Awarded Federal Tax Credits (Hofstrand)

Innovative Grower Low Linolenic Soybeans (Hofstrand)

ISU Extension Works with Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) on Organic Forage Production (Lang)

Dairy Steer Production (Doran)

Wind Energy Conference Gives Ideas on Lowering Electric Bills (Meyer)

Increasing Profits from Sheep and Goat Production (D DeWitt)


Cut Florals as Specialty Crops in Iowa (Finnerty, Smith)

Crop Update Email Newsletter (McGrath)

Leadership Training Helps Equip Members of New Ag LLCs (Jensen, Zacharakis-Jutz)

4-H'ers Learn to Use Iowa Quality Beef Grid (Doran)

Feeding Corn Co-products to Beef and DDGS to Swine (D DeWitt, Lewis)

Sheep for Profit (D DeWitt, J DeWitt)


Improving Profitability for Cow-Calf Producers (Guge)

Cashing in on Value-Added Agriculture (Stender)

The Agriculture Explosion: Facts and Figures Brochure (Bearinger)

East Central Specialty Grain Livestock Project ( Fischer, DeHoogh, IVan Arkel, Smith, Zacharakis Jutz, Chase)

ISO 9000/2000 Training Program (Musselman)

Organic Conference (Smith)

Ag Decision Maker -- Electronic Version (Hofstrand)

Ag Marketing Resource Center (Hofstrand)

Ag Ventures Alliance Update (Hofstrand)

Midwest Grain Processors (Hofstrand)

Sheep Production Programs (Doran)


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