109 Dairy


Managing Dairy Farm Finances (Tranel)

Latino/Hispanic Workers on Dairy Farms (Tranel)

Iowa Dairy Herd Increases Economic Activity in Iowa (Tigner, Tranel, Thoreson, Meyer, Lang, Crops Field Specialists - Northeast; Leo Timms and Lee Kilmer, Faculty - Animal Science)

Nine Dairies Plan New Lower Hauling Cost Manure Storages (Meyer)


Enhancing Reproductive Performance and Profitability in Dairy Herds (Timms)

Holstein Beef Feeding Conference Fills Clientele Needs (Tigner, Thoreson)

Bilingual Calf Care Workshop Builds Knowledge and Skill Level of Dairy Herdspersons (Mondak)

Developing Dairy Operations in Tropical Nicaragua (Tranel)

Iowa New Farms Project (Thoreson, Tigner)

Millionaire Model Dairy Farms - Getting Started in Dairying (Tranel)

Tri-State Agricultural Lender's Seminar (Tranel)

Joint Effort Creates New Dairy Display "Just in Time" (Mondak)

Upper Midwest Grazing Conference (Tranel)

Western Iowa Dairy Alliance Completes Strategic Planning (Mondak)

New and Transitioning Dairy Producer Program (Tranel)


Dairy Team Updates Production Records Workshop Offerings (Mondak)

Dairy Professional Heifer Growers Regional Conference (Thoreson)

Iowa's Dairy Story Helps Students Understand Importance of Dairy Products (Hosch)

On–Farm Milker Training Helps Dairies Improve Milk Quality (Mondak)

Workshop Introduces Dairy Producers to Strategic Business Planning (Mondak, Hook)

Beginning Dairy Farm Models (Tranel)

Farm Bill One-On-One Evaluations (Olsen)

Farm Leasing Meetings (Olsen)

Pollen Drift Demonstration (Olsen)

"Winning the Game" Marketing Workshops (Olsen)


Dairywomen Peer Groups One Year Later: A Progress Report (Mondak, Rosenboom)

Heifers + Housing = 24 Month Calving (Thoreson)

School Milk Vending Machine Project Initiated in NW Iowa (Mondak, Wyland)

Advisors/Experts Roundtable (Thoreson)

Assimilating Latino/Hispanic Workers on Dairy Farms (Tranel)

Breeding Management Seminar (Leu)

Calving Time Management (Neifert, Sellers)

Cornbelt Cow/Calf Conference (Leu)

Northwest Iowa Dairy Operation Improves Cash Flow and Quality of Life (Mondak)

Economic Impact without Creating White Elephants (Thoreson)

Grid Marketing Part II (Neifert, Sellers)

Milker Training Workshops Assist Dairy Producers to Achieve Goals (Mondak)

Remodeling NE Iowa Dairy Milking Systems (Tranel, Thoreson)


Iowa 's Dairy Story (Hosch)

Dairywomen Peer Groups One Year Later: A Progress Report (Mondak, Rosenboom)

Extension View Dairy Newsletter (Tranel, Thoreson)

Statewide Dairy Facility Conference Draws Large Attendance (Meyer)

Dairy Steer Feeding Survey (Doran)

Dairy Conference (Tranel, Thoreson)

Iowa Dairy Days 2002 (Tranel, Thoreson)







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