108 Iowa Pork Industry Center


Implementation of Technology to Predict Intramuscular Fat in Live Pigs Using Real-time Ultrasound (Baas)

Implementing BLUP Sow Indexing for Closed Herd Swine Systems (Mabry)

Swine Welfare Assurance Program Certification (McMullen)

Berkshire Production and Marketing Report (McMullen)

2006 Youth FSQA Certification (McMullen)

Partnership on Educational Material for the U.S. Swine Producer (A Johnson)

Working Strengthening the ISU High School Agriculture Connection (Weiss)

Commodity Group, Private Industry, and Extension Team Up to Produce Tools for Pork Producers Worldwide (Stalder)

Management of Swine Not Using Antibiotics for Niche Production (Stender)

Economics and Welfare of Sow and Gilt Seminar March 8, 2006 (Stender)

Pork Production Safety System (Steinhart)

Managing Your Unseen Employee: The Ventilation System (Steinhart)

Building Ventilation Systems Training for Pork Producers (Miller)

Northeast Area Swine Meeting Fills Producers Needs (Meyer)


Advanced Reproductive Technology Seminar (Stender)

2005 4-H Swine Verification in East Central Iowa (McMullen)

Air Quality and Community Concerns with Swine Expansion (Euken)

Advanced Ventilation Training (Harmon)

Development of Training Tools for Gilt Selection (Stalder)

EPA Air Quality Consent Agreement Program for Pork Producers (Mabry)

Impact of Implementing Within Herd Replacement Gilt Production (Mabry)

Pig Finishing Workshop  (Stender)

Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Assessment (Johnson)

Pork Information Gateway U.S. Pork Center of Excellence (Baas)

Sow Longevity Spreadsheet Helping Pork Producers World Wide (Stalder)

Special 4-H Swine Project (Miller)

Hoop Farrowing/Finishing of Swine (Miller)

Pork 301 Tasting With All Five Senses (McMullen)

Working with the Youth Through a Food Safety Program (Weiss)

Youth FSQA Certification Meetings (McMullen)

2005 Northeast Iowa Swine Conferences a Success (Meyer, Storlie)

Clinton County Pork Producer Banquet (McMullen)

Advanced Breeding Herd Management Seminar (Storlie)

Food Safety and Quality Assurance Training (Miller)

Pilot Program to Increase Youth Involvement in 4-H Swine Production (Weiss)

Regional Swine Conference (Steinhart)

Swine Technology Seminar (Stender)


Follow-up of December 2004 Advanced Reproductive Management Seminar (Storlie)

Pork Producers Get Training on Ventilation Systems (Arora)

Pork Selection Workshop (McMullen)

Swine Niche Production (Stender)

2004 Manure Certification Meetings Also Educate on Hydrogen Sulfide Dangers (Meyer)

Circovirus: Infectious Disease Affecting Swine Industry (Steinhart)

Hoop Buildings: Potential For Increasing Profits Through Better Management (Steinhart)

Managing Your Unseen Employee: The Ventilation System (Steinhart)

Profit Advantages in Pork Production (Miller)

Reproductive Management Conference (Stender)

Swine Herd Management Conference, Dec. 2002 (Stender)

Feeding Dried Distillers Grain Solubles to Swine (Stender)

Hands-on Ventilation Workshops (Stender)

Swine Production Youth Activities (McMullen)

Ventilation Workshops for Pork Producers (Euken)


Group Tracker Record-Keeping System (Storlie)

Country of Origin Labeling Information Presented to Producers (Weiss)

4-H Conference Pork Quality Workshops (McMullen)

Quality of Life Team Assistance to Sow Unit (McMullen)


Dealing With Risks in Today's Swine Industry (Stender)

Pork Technology Seminar (Stender)

Special 4-H Swine Project (Miller)

Manure Management: One-on-One (Steinhart)

New Insurance Options for Iowa Pork Producers (Steinhart)

Pork Producer and Consumer Educational Programming (Weiss)

Pork Quality Assurance (Steinhart)

Pork Finishing Management Conference (Brummett)

Pork Quality Assurance Classes (Miller)

Pork Ration Review (Miller)

Paylean® Meetings (Stender)

Phytase Use to Reduce Phosphorous Content in Manure (D DeWitt)

Youth Swine Show Program (McMullen)



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