107 Iowa Beef Center


Tri-County Steer Carcass Futurity Program Impact of Custom Feeding on SW Iowa Economy  (Busby)

Growing Iowa's Cattle Industry: Ethanol, Opportunities, and Economic Development (Lawrence)

Managing Phosphorous in Cattle Diets with Distillers Grains (Loy, Powers, Lawrence, Trenkle, Dahlke)

Iowa Grazing Days (Morrical)

Open Feedlot Runoff Control Tours (D DeWitt)

Southern Iowa Graziers Conference (Sellers)

Master Equine Managers (D Schwab)

Cow Risk Strategies (D Schwab)

IBC Cow-Calf Risk StrategiesSE Iowa Area (Leu)

Regional Beef Meeting (Euken, Thoreson, Peters, Derdzinski, Jensen, Dohlman )

Cedar River Watershed CSP Meeting Series (Cummins)


Dairy-Beef Calf Growers Save Half on Winter Fuel Costs (Meyer)

Nitrate Testing (Leu)

Grazing Standing Corn to Reduce Winter Feed Costs (Euken)

Feedlot Meeting Features Hot Issues (Doran)

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy Education Programs (Hartwig)

Iowa Pre-Conditioning Program (Hartwig)

National Animal Identification System (Lawrence)

Nitrate Testing of Corn for Green Chop or Silage (D Schwab)

Planning for Land Uses After CRP (Sellers)

Supporting the Growing Ethanol Industry through Economic Use of Distillers Feeds in Beef Diets (Loy)

Tri-County Steer Carcass Futurity Program – Impact of Custom Feeding on SW Iowa Economy (Busby)

New Technology for Horse Owners (Doran)

2005 4-State Beef Conference (Busby)

Beef Estrus Synchronization Webcast (Leu)

Beef Selection and Reproduction Programming (Sellers)

Distillers Grains for Beef Production (Euken)

Iowa Bull Clinics: Selection Decisions 2005 (Leu)

Transition of the 2005 Cornbelt Cow-Calf Conference (Leu)


Adding Value to Feeder Calves (Doran)

Beef Seedstock Conference (Leu)

Ongoing Emphasis on Fescue Management for Beef Producers, 2004 (Sellers)

Addressing Beef Management and Industry Issues (Van Laar)

Chips Heifer Development Program (Leu)

Cyclone Beef Days (D DeWitt)

Environmental Management Systems for the Iowa Beef Feedlot Industry (D DeWitt)

Feedlot and Beef Cow Meeting (Euken)

Pasture Walk Educational Programs (Leu)

Using New Software to Help Beef Cattle Producers Formulate Rations (Bredahl)

Winter Cow Nutrition meeting (Carter)

A Retained Ownership Program to Aid Value-Based Marketing Decisions (Bredahl)

Beef Feedlot Meeting (Schwab)

Grassroots of Grazing and Forage Management (Sellers, Neifert, Miller)

Progress Report on Rathbun Forage Project (Sellers)

Solving Winter Beef Cow Feeding Problems (Bredahl, Brummett)

The Aftermath of BSE (Doran)

Beef Feedlot Operations: New Technologies and Current Issues (Neifert, Sellers)


Adding Value to Market Cows (DeWitt)

Chariton Valley Beef Youth Livestock Internship (Sellers)

Cyclone Beef Day: Calving Time Management (D DeWitt)

Forage Education and Demonstrations (Sellers)

Tools to Best Match Cattle and Grid Markets (DeWitt)

Andrew Jackson Demonstration Farm (Tranel)

Feeding Iowa Cull Cows for the Premium White Fat Cow Market (Busby, Strohbehn, Beedle)


Cyclone Beef Days - Part II (Neifert, Sellers)

Alternative for Beef Calves During Crop Harvest Season (Beedle)

4-H Cattle Feeding Project (Jensen)

East Central Iowa Beef Evaluation (Irvin)

Adding Value to Beef Heifers (D DeWitt)

Ethanol Co-Products Educational Program (Doran)

Producers Benefit From Grid Marketing and Carcass Analysis Meetings (Neifert, Sellers)

Beef Grid Marketing Workshops (Sellers)

EQIP Grazing Management Training (Sellers)



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