106 Green Industry (Commercial Horticulture and Forestry)


Black Chokeberry -- a new alternative crop for Iowa (Everhart)

Organic Medicinal Herb Production in Iowa (Delate)

Workbooks for Developing Sound Business Plans in Establishing and Operating a Vineyard (Domoto, Tordsen)

Vegetable Growers Gain Sweet Corn Management Skills (Taber)

Award Winning Field (Minner)

High Tunnel Workshop and Field Day Has an Estimated Economic Benefit of $95,000 (Everhart)

Forestry Field Day (Van Laar)

Prison Program in Calhoun County (Everhart)

Pumpkin Pilot Program Produces Plenty of Plump Pumpkins (OMalley and Taber)


Sustainable Food and Energy Model Farm (Everhart)

Master Woodland Manager's Program (Wray)

Multi-state Grape Field Day (Domoto)

Fruit Tree Grafting Workshop: Participants Leave with Fruits of Their Labor (O'Malley)

Extension Specialists Help Iowa Wine Growers Association With Last Minute Need (White)


Regional Vegetable Growers Gain Expertise to Remain Competitive (Taber)

Four Oaks Pumpkins (O'Malley)

Getting Started in the Honey Industry (White)

Iowa Correctional Institutions Cost Savings through On-site Production of Vegetables (O'Malley)

Master Gardener Training (O'Malley)

Working with the Amish and Mennonite Community in Howard and Mitchell Counties (O'Malley)


Grape and Wine Industry Training Sessions (White)

Ethanol Co-Products Education (Doran)

Vineyard and Winery Management (White)


Grape and Wine Training Sessions (White)

Increasing Number of Commercial Grape Growers in Iowa (White)

Viticulture and Enology Annual Field Day (White)

Grape and Wine Production Workshops (Vanlaar, White, Everhart)

Grape Workshop Participants Save $90,000 (Everhart)



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