103 Nutrient Management


Performance-based Nutrient Management Evaluation (Ingels)

Use of CNMP Core Curriculum for a Training in Conjunction with Iowa State University and The Heartland Regional Water Quality Team (Burns, Moody)

Iowa Manure Matters-Odor and Nutrient Management Newsletter (Rieck-Hinz)

Dry Manure Applicator Certification Program (Klein)

Regional Nitrogen Rate Guidelines for Corn (Sawyer)

Humboldt County's New Soil Survey Kickoff (Eveland)

Manure Applicator Certification (Steinhart)

Confinement Site Manure Applicators Meetings Continue to be a Success (Meyer)

Radio Shows Reach Thousands of Clients (McGrath)

Cedar River Watershed CSP Meeting Series (Cummins)

Agronomic Hub and Spoke Demonstration Project (Cummins)

Manure Applicator Certification (Brenneman)

RUSLE2 and Iowa Phosphorus Index Workshops (Arora, Rieck-Hinz)

Animal Nutrient Application Field Day Teaches Water Quality Management ( Arora, Holmes, Mallarino, Rieck-Hinz, Klein, Jensen )


Sulfur Fertilization Research Saves Money (McGrath)

Wide-Spread Sulfur Deficiency Problem in Alfalfa (Lang)

Just-in-time Information for Crop Producers and Crop Advisors (DeJong)

Residual N Availability Advice after Hail in Soybeans (DeJong)

Manure Management Plan Assistance (Brenneman)

Compendium of Research Reports on Use of Non-Traditional Materials for Crop Production Web Site (Sawyer)

Manure Applicator Certification Program Evaluations (Klein)

Manure Management Short Course (Rieck-Hinz)

National Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP) Development Training and Technical Service Provider (TSP) Certification for USDA/NRCS TechReg (Burns, Moody)

Confinement Site Manure Applicator Training (Steinhart)

Identifying Sulfur Deficiency Problems in Alfalfa (Lang)

Manure Certification Training Helps Producers Protect Environment (Kohl)

Nutrient Utilization from Composted Swine Manure and Bedding in a Hoop Structure (Steinhart)


Heavy Spring Rains Threaten Nitrogen Availability to Corn (Lang)

Manure Management Plan Assistance (Brenneman) 

Confinement Site Manure Applicator Exams (Kohl)

Crop Update Email Newsletter (McGrath)

Southwest Iowa No Till Field (McGrath)

MAC Certification Trainings (Arora)

Nitrate Levels in Water Threatened Iowa Town (DeJong)

Reduction of Sulfer Applications (McGrath)


Manure Management Plan Workshops (Arora)

Assisting Livestock Producers with Manure Management Plans (Meyer)

Manure Nutrient Management Quality of Life Team (Schmitt)


Managing Nitrogen in High Yield Environments (Long)

Manure Management (DeJong, Kohl)

Confinement Site Manure Application Meetings (Behnkendorf)

Crop and Land Stewardship Clinic (Miller)

Pork Farrowing Operation Honored for Reducing Odor (Meyer)

Hub and Spokes Nutrient Management (Cummins)

NW Iowa Feedlot Plan (Doran)




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