101 Agricultural Strategic Management


Partnering Effort Increases Student Interest in Environmental and Biological Studies (Taylor)

ISU Northern Research Farm 75th Anniversary Celebration and Field Day (Cummins, Holmes, Hill, Jensen)

Agricultural Land Values:  A 2005 Survey (D Smith)

Horse Breeding Management Workshop (Miller-Auwerda)

Lyon County Environmental Education Tour (Grigg)

Iowa Farm & Field Fest (Wrage)

Annie’s Project  (Leibold)


Cash Rental Rates for Iowa: A 2005 Survey (D Smith)

Farm Credit Services of America Buyout Offer by Rabobank (Jolly, Ginder, Harl, Kilkenny, Marks)

Partnering Effort Increases Total Registered Attendance (Taylor)

Practical Farmers of Iowa (PFI) Delphi Survey on Sustainable Agriculture and On-Farm Research (Grudens-Schuck, Polush)

Annie’s Project  (Hook)

Annie’s Project  Workshops (Hook)

Employee Training in Agriculture (Chase)

An Overall Conference for Today's Rural Women (Schwab)


Quality of Life Team (McMullen)

Keeping Up-To-Date with Constant Changes (DeJong)

Tri-State Ag Lender's Seminar (Tranel)


Keeping Livestock Operation in Iowa with One-on-One Assistance (DeJong)

Developing and Implementing a Niche Market Approach to the Pork Industry (Harmon)

GPS Technology in Agriculture (Arora)

Livestock Decision-Making (Thoreson)

New Agri-business Personnel Problems (Chase)

Ag Profitability (Leibold)

Agriculture Marketing Clubs (Johnson)

Converting from Low to High Margins (Chase)

Farm Bill Strategies (Johnson)

Farm Bill Workshops Assist Farmers and Landowners (Chase)

Farmland Leasing Workshop (Johnson)

Individual Farm Bill Analysis (Hook)

Interim CEED Role (Leu)


Ag Professional Tours (Cummins, Lang)

Bremer County Corn/Soybean Test Plot Field Day (Siefken)

Ag Alternatives Program (Andrews)

Agriculture Production Contracts (Bickmeier)

County Environmental Tour (Grigg)

Ag Strategic Management (Leibold)

Pro Ag Outlook Via ICN (Thomas)

Emergency Hail Meeting (McGrath)

Northwest Iowa Crops Web Page (Vagts)

Research on the Road (McGrath)



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