Managing Watershed Agricultural Contaminants in Northeast Iowa

John Rodecap, Extension Program Specialist III, Agronomy


Bringing partners together to test innovative programs for solutions to non-point source contamination.


To demonstrate locally-based refinement of practices using watershed leaders to assist in the discovery and confirmation of results and distribution of those results to neighbors.


Iowa State University (ISU) Extension specialists have assisted individual producers and watershed councils to develop performance-based soil and nutrient management in contaminant threatened watersheds in northeast Iowa.  Iowa Corn Grower and Iowa Farm Bureau Federation financial support was secured to encourage on-farm demonstrations that have aided in bringing new technology including GIS-GPS and management practices that have resulted in refined tillage, planting, manure application and nutrient use on watershed farms.


The results of significant reduction recommendations in nitrogen and phosphorus use are shared among watershed councils and communities in the region.

150 -- Environmental Stewardship

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