Wind Energy Conference

Greg Brenneman, FS-Ag Engineering, Southeast Iowa


Because of changes in the past few years regarding the way public utilities work with individuals producing electricity from renewable resources, interest has increased for pork producers and other wind turbines users. There is very little local information for these individuals to draw on.


In conjunction with several local economic development groups, ISU Extension organized a one day Wind Energy Conference in Washington County on March 2, 2005. Speakers included staff from the Iowa Energy Center, local utilities, USDA, Iowa DNR, the Iowa Utilities Board, wind turbine dealers, and several producers who have installed wind turbines.


Approximately 175 people attended the conference. Of 123 evaluations returned, 99% rated the conference as 'Good' or 'Excellent,' 95% had a better understanding of wind energy principals and regulations and 70% were helped in making a decision if purchasing a wind generator was appropriate for their situation.


March 16, 2005
150 -- Environmental Stewardship, 2nd (Jan - March)

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