Environmental Stewardship Using Conservation Practices

Kapil Arora, central agricultural engineering field specialist


Erosion and loss of nutrients continues to be the leading cause of water-body impairments in the State of Iowa. Both urban and rural citizens living within specific watersheds need to understand this problem in order to decide which conservation practices to use.  


Iowa State University Extension delivered three workshops focused on environmental stewardship using conservation practices in north central Iowa. These workshops targeted both urban and rural citizens, specifically in Humboldt and Hamilton counties. A team consisting of local watershed work group leaders and specialists from Iowa State University Extension (ISUE) and Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) delivered these workshops. The team gave attendees a run down on what water quality issues exist and how they can use different conservation practices to handle water quality problems within their watersheds. Conservation practices discussed  targeted erosion control and runoff related nutrients.

The workshop also included a tour of conservation practices during which the attendees got to observe and understand the functionality of installed conservation practices, both on-farm and at watershed scale.


Attendees at these workshops consisted of both urban and rural citizens including producers, farm land owners, agri-business professionals, city government officials, and home owners. Fifty-five participants attended these workshops and a total of fourteen complete evaluations were received. Participants indicated that the discussion topics and field tour increased their understanding of urban & rural water quality issues and how to implement potential solutions by over 50%. Several comments received during the workshops included: “Very informative,” “Many good facts presented,” “Very educational,”and “All of us think we know but need to be reminded. Our environment pertains to all of us!”

Jan. 18, 2005
150 - Environmental Stewardship

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