Open Lot Runoff Control Field Days Promote New Diked Grass Filter Concept and Unity Among Designers and DNR Field Staff 

 Dan Meyer, northeast  ag engineering field specialist 


Farmers are looking for help on design information for minimizing pollution from open lots.  Some farmers react before the DNR visits them and others after the DNR visits. Therunoff control solutions can be low in cost and effective.   


In the last nine months, Dan Meyer, Ag Engineer Field Specialist, coordinated three extension field days on open lot runoff control at demonstration sites for farmers to attend.  He had agency cooperation from DNR and NRCS who also spoke at all three field days.  Dan has also assisted nine farmers this past fall on their open lot problems to set up more demonstration sites using the newer diked grass filter concept.


A total of 67 people attended the three open lot runoff field days.  The agency cooperation is new for this type of meeting.  It helped each of the agencies find out what is being recommended by the others.  There were also actual open lot runoff designs that farmers could see at the demonstration sites.

Jan. 5, 2005
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