Facilitating the Multifunctional Potential of Goat Enterprises

Betty L. Wells, Professor, Sociology Department


National demand for goat meat outstrips domestic supply, and demand is growing, even in Iowa. Iowa farmers are well positioned to tap into this increased demand, but they lack information about the specifics of the goat meat market and face other barriers, related to production system, meat processing infrastructure, and culture. Goat browsing also offers an alternative/complement to fire, chemical, mechanical methods of controlling invasive vegetation. Here, too, producers lack crucial information ranging from stocking rates to fencing. Enhanced cross cultural communication through direct marketing, economic benefit deriving from a strengthened infrastructure for processing goat meat, and the ecological benefits of increased goat browsing can benefit producers, landowners and consumers, individually and collectively.


To provide detailed information about the market for goat meat among recent Latino/a, Asian, and Muslim immigrants to Sioux City area; and to identify the barriers to raising and marketing meat goats, or employing goat browsing.



September 2006

147 - Sustainable Agriculture


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