Grasslands Managers Introduced to Additional Forage Species

Russ Bredahl, beef forage field specialist


Southern Iowa farmers have little experience and knowledge about pasture forages other than Kentucky bluegrass, smooth bromegrass, orchardgrass, tall fescue, red clover, and birdsfoot trefoil. However, they have shown interest in alternative forages that thrive in Iowa conditions and show promise of increasing profits from grasslands.


Demonstration plots of 16 different forages were planted at the Neely-Kinyon Farm near Greenfield, Iowa, in May 2003. The plots, which will be maintained over several years, were showcased at the Neely-Kinyon Farm field day held August 19, 2003. The plots are intended to demonstrate differences in:

Two hundred fifty people, who participated in the Neely-Kinyon Farm field day wagon tour, saw growing plants and heard information concerning the growth habit, growing site preference, and suggested time of seeding and seeding rate of each of the following forages.

There were many questions, particularly concerning the novel endophyte tall fescue (Ark Plus), the reseeding ability of Red River crabgrass and the winter hardiness of the perennial ryegrasses (BG-34 and Tetra Plus) and bermudagrass (Buckaroo Blend).

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