Individual Consultations

October - December 2002

Greg Brenneman , agricultural engineering field specialist

107, 147Individual Consultations


Frequently producers have individual questions on problems they face with livestock facilities and other farm structures. These problems include ventilation in livestock buildings, structural design questions, siting of facilities, manure handling and grain storage questions.


To address these questions, it is often necessary to look at the site first hand. At the very least, individual questions must be addressed. One example is a question on location of turkey building. The producer already had several buildings at the site and was unsure of Iowa DNR rules regarding the placement of an additional confinement building. Since this was an existing site, rules regarding separation distances to adjacent houses become complex. After a contact to the Iowa DNR, I was able to provide factual information that allowed the producer to build the needed building and meet the requirements of the law.


In the past year, over 40 producers have been consulted with on individual building questions. This has resulted in better decisions in placing of buildings and improved usefulness. For the producer cited earlier with questions on building placement, the information provided assured that a $75,000 project would be in compliance.


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