Lenox Farmer’s Market

July-September 2002

Kim Brantar, Taylor county extension education director


The Lenox community has not had an organized farmer's market. Several in the community have indicated a desire to have a local farmer's market; however, no ground work has been done to initiate or develop a farmer's market.

Respons e

Iowa State University (ISU) Extension and Ag Connect collaborated to determine the interest of organizing a local farmer's market in the Lenox community. Several meetings were conducted with local residents, city officials, Master Gardeners and potential vendors. Support was very positive for initiating the Lenox Farmer's Market sponsored by ISU Extension and Ag Connect. Eighteen vendors participated in the Lenox Farmer's Market this year. Ongoing marketing has helped to maintain the visibility of the market. Rules were developed and supported to insure a successful market.

Impac t


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