Consumer Horticulture Education Program

Rodney Hamer, County Extension Education Director, Bremer County


Consumer Horticulture has been an important program in Bremer County in the past.  Because of staff vacancy and inconsistent programming the program was not achieving what the Extension Council desired.  There was a need to bring coordination to a consumer horticulture program and find ways to improve this program.
Develop an identifiable consumer horticulture education program in Bremer County.

      Meet with past Master Gardeners to identify needs and support.

      Explore ways to increase staffing support to support the program.

      Decided to offer the Master Gardener Training in Fall Semester 2006.

      Prepare to answer consumer horticulture questions from County residences.


      Established a structure for Master Gardeners to meet regularly, with defined outcomes.

      Master Gardeners put together a landscape plan for the newly remodeled Extension office and completed phase one.

      Became a member of a seven County agreement which hired a horticulture educator,  Bob Hauer, to conduct educational programs.

      Plan six educational workshops from September 16, 2006 to June 23, 2007.

      Recruited and enrolled nine new interns for Master Gardener training starting on September 5, 2006.

      Establish resources to answer over 150 consumer horticulture questions during the 2006 growing season.

  September 2006
 146 Consumer Horticulture


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