Plant Disease Clinic Updates Online

Christine Engelbrecht, Extension Program Specialist, Plant Pathology


County extension personnel have requested timely updates on what plant health problems are seen in the Plant Disease Clinic, so they can better serve their clients.  Such updates help county and field personnel stay current with plant diseases found in the landscape.


We aimed to fill a need for timely publicity about what problems are seen in the Plant Disease Clinic throughout the growing season, to proactively serve county and field staff and other interested clients.


We have included a Plant Disease Clinic Update in most issues of the Home Horticulture and Pest Newsletter (HHPN) in this past growing season.  The HHPN is published online weekly or biweekly during the growing season.  Each Update includes a list of plant diseases seen in the Clinic since the last update, as well as links to relevant information about symptoms and management of each disease.


We have received positive feedback from several county staff regarding the updates.  The four June and July updates for which we have data received a total of 1007 hits during those two months.  Dissemination of this information has helped county staff more effectively respond to plant health questions they encounter.

September 2006

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