Gardening Program in Shenandoah   

Eldon Everhart, Horticulture Field Specialist, Southwest Area
Problem Statement
Gardening is the number one hobby in the US today and the demand for gardening information continues to increase.  In western Iowa, many consumers seem to want more gardening programs offered nearer to where they live.
Programmatic Response
In response to the demand for gardening education, ISU Extension offered a consumer horticulture program in Shenandoah.  The program was planned and implemented by Page County CEED Heidi Carter and Field Specialist Eldon Everhart.
Participants said they will adopt several new practices as a result of this program.  The recent National Gardening Survey indicates that consumers spend $74 annually on garden related activities.  Because this group is more interested in gardening than most people, they will likely spend three to five times as much.  For the entire group, the total increased annual spending as a result of this program was estimated to be $50,000.
December 22, 2005
146 -- Consumer Horticulture and Forestry

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