Safe Farm Public Awareness Campaign

Charles V. Schwab, Faculty, Ag & Biosystems Engineering


The Safe Farm radio program produced and distributed 52 weeks of one-minute messages to Iowa radio stations in 2005. This public awareness program is in the fourteenth year of production. It started in 1992 as a four minute program and changed to the one-minute format in 2002. The Safe Farm media campaign increases awareness with the intent of encouraging farmers to adopt safe farming practices.

The Safe Farm minute provides approximately 52 minutes of broadcast quality programs about timely safety issues. These audio messages being delivered throughout the state keeps active the messages about farm safety procedures, and issues.


Determine the usage of ISUE Weekly Audio program and refine future programming efforts


An Iowa State University Extensions Weekly Audio CD survey was developed and distributed to 60 radio station managers or directors in Iowa. A total of 35 radio stations participated, for a survey return rate of 58 percent.


Participants indicated that nearly half of the radio stations broadcasted the Safe Farm minute form one to more than three times per week. Sixty percent of the radio stations indicated using at least one of the ISUE programs (Garden Calendar Minute, A minute in Urban Agriculture, Its Time to..., Safe Farm minute, Garden Column, and Interview with Doug Cooper) weekly. The percent of participants that indicated they strongly agreed or agreed that the ISUE programs were timely and newsworthy, appropriate in length, diverse in program content, diverse in topics, and a match to their audience with 86%, 89%, 86 %, 86% 86% respectively. Over half of the radio stations have an audience of both urban and rural. The remaining majority of other radio station identified their primary listening audience as rural. In addition, 43 comments and suggestions were collected to improve the topics and programs.

September 2006

145 - Farm Safety

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