Private Pesticide Applicator Training Including Pest Management

John Kennicker, Crops Field Specialist, Southwest

Problem Statement:
According to Federal and State law, producers (private pesticide applicators) who apply restricted use pesticides must be certified. One way to maintain certification is to attend a two hour continued instructional course, covering program topics: (Introduction; Laws and Regulations; Pesticides and labels; and Pest Management).  As part of the pest management training at each meeting, Asian (A.) soybean rust management was a requested topic by the producers.
Programmatic Response:
During program year (12/1/04 to 04/15/05), thirty three meetings were conducted reaching 835 producers. The training included A. soybean rust identification (using incased diseased leaves and lighted hand lens), disease life cycle, and management including fungicide and nozzle selection. Presentation base information included research information gathered from ISU Extension Specialist, handouts and Brazil tour (February 2005).
Based on evaluations from the majority (approximately 85-90%) of attendees, the overall program was rated good to excellent.  Both positive verbal and written comments were heard and collected on evaluation by the CEEDS and Field Specialist, including best meeting that I have been to and the rust information was very interesting.  The A. soybean rust management presentation educated the producers providing a better knowledge and more positive attitude (response) in the pest management.

March 29, 2006
143 - Pesticide Applicator Training

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