Provide Up-To-Date Information on Asian Soybean Rust to First Detectors, Triage Members, and Relevant Campus Personnel

Daren Mueller, P&S, Plant Pathology


Problem Statement:

The Iowa Soybean Rust Team developed the Iowa Fast Track for reporting rust found in Iowa. The system was developed to increase the speed and accuracy of diagnosing soybean rust. Iowa producers may submit suspected rust samples to any of the 650 trained First Detectors, who will examine the samples and submit them to an Iowa Triage Team Member, if warranted.  Iowa First Detectors consists of Iowa Certified Crop Advisers, Certified Professional Agronomists and other crop production professionals. Triage Members consists of Field Crop Specialists and selected County Extension Education Directors. This process ensures that the sample is reviewed quickly and alerts the ISU Plant Disease Clinic that suspect samples are being submitted.

Currently, the only viable management option for Asian soybean rust is timely applications of fungicides. For growers to be able to make decisions on if/when they should make fungicide applications, they need to stay up-to-date on the national spread of soybean rust, and know the risk of rust developing relative to the crop growth stage for their particular area. This knowledge also helps decision making on personnel and time commitments for scouting for Asian soybean rust.

Programmatic Response:

A MajorDomo list, a controlled e-mail listserv, of approximately 550 e-mail addresses of participants in the Fast Track System was compiled. This list of people was updated on Asian soybean rust weekly from March 29 September 13 (25 reports). Additionally, printed material such as extension bulletin Pm-2028 entitled Asian Soybean Rust Management Strategies, 2006 was mailed to each Fast Track participant.


The first line of defense for identifying and ultimately managing soybean rust, First Detectors and Triage Members, were kept informed of the latest development of soybean rust through the MajorDomo listserv. With Sorrel Brown, we are currently in the process of tracking the multiplicity of these efforts and the impact it had on the amount of fungicide NOT sprayed in Iowa for management of Asian soybean rust, a disease that did not make it inside Iowas borders in 2006.

September 2006

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