ICM and Nutrient Management Training for Crop Producers, CSI Partners and Others attending the Crop Advantage Series (CAS) Annual Meetings, Osceola

John Kennicker, Crops Field Specialist, Southwest; Mark Carlton, Crops Field Specialist, Southeast; and Mike White, Crops Field Specialist, Central

Problem Statement:
To acquire unbiased research and up to date educational information on a variety of nutrient and integrated crop management (ICM) topics, crop producers, Corn and Soybean Initiative partners and others like to attend winter meetings and workshops in South Central Iowa.
Programmatic Response:
In response to the needs of the crop producers, Corn and Soybean Initiative partners and others (66, 2005 and 97, 2006), the CAS annual meeting was held in South Central Iowa, Osceola. The 2006 meeting topics included: crop weather, corn management, optimum soybean seeding rate, biology of the corn rootworm, nitrogen management and soybean aphid management. The session provided opportunities for interaction (comments and questions) and assistance with specific operations as desired by producers. 
Based from the 2006 meeting evaluations (69 collected), attendees were asked, have you made any changes in your crop production operation as a result of attending the meeting that have increased profits or decreased your cost per acre? Double responses were lowered soybean populations and reducing nitrogen application rates. Single responses were scout fields more often, monitor for the soybean aphid threshold and plan to make small changes to improve farm operation. When asked to place an estimated dollar figure on the changes, the attendees indicated $3 on 190 A ($570), $10 on 500A ($5,000) and $25 on 1,700A ($42,500). In meeting the needs and expectations of the group (65 responses), the overall program rating was good (24) to excellent (41).

March 29, 2006
142 - Integrated Pest and Crop Management and 103 Nutrient Management

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