Crop Advantage Series Meetings Produce Long Term Results and Economic Impact

Paul Kassell, Crop Field Specialist, Northwest


Area farmers like to have information that is specific to their operation. Farmers desire workshop type settings where they can receive more individualized help on agronomy questions.


The Crop Advantage Series (CAS) was designed to provide agronomic information on broad-ranging topics as well as more specific information on current agronomic topics. Spirit Lake was the location of one of the twelve CAS meetings in Iowa in 2005. Meeting attendance was 170 persons in 2005. Previous attendance was 154 in 2004, 68 in 2003 and 102 in 2002. A post-meeting evaluation was collected from 55 persons in 2005. Twenty-two of the 55 indicated that they had attended a CAS in a previous year.


Previous attendees were asked, have you made any changes in your crop production operation as a result of attending a CAS meeting in a previous year that has increased profits or decreased your costs per acre. Five respondents (of the 22 who had previously attended) indicated a total savings and/or profit of $93,800.00. The savings were realized on 2630 acres for a benefit of $35.67 per acre. Some of the comments that we received from producers included, "great program - thank you". More specific comments included, "I learned about the possibilities of Asian soybean rust and when to treat - I will not automatically treat for rust". Other comments were less specific and concluded "Extension education has been very important to me over the years".

March 23, 2005
142 - Integrated Pest and Crop Management, 2nd (Jan - March)

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