Teaching Herbicide Injury Symptons at FEEL

Jim Fawcett, Crop Specialist, Southeast Iowa


Problems occur every year in crop producer's fields. Many of the problems are related to pest management or herbicide injury. With the many new products and new mixtures on the market, it is difficult for producers and ag professionals to keep informed on the problems that can sometimes occur with the use of the products. Environmental conditions can sometimes interact with certain products to cause rare injury symptoms.


For the past several summers I have taught sessions on herbicide mode of action and injury symptoms at the Field Extension Education Lab near Boone. "Goof plots," where herbicides are misapplied, are used to complement the instruction. Participants have the chance to learn about and observe what symptoms various herbicides can cause in the field.


Several hundred ag professionals have attended these sessions in the past few years. In July of 2004, in an end-of-meeting evaluation, 100% (N=44) rated the herbicide injury session as good or excellent, 94% (N=52) responded that the program met their needs and was worth the registration fee, and 96% (N= 53) thought that the presenter was prepared and knowledgeable. Comments included "Very good overview of injury symptoms, helped to see the plots, very helpful, excellent," and the information is consistent with my experience."

March 8, 2005
142 - Integrated Pest and Crop Management, 4th (July - Sept)

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