N.W. Area Extension Ag Newsletter Saves Time and Money

Todd Vagts, Crops Field Specialist, Northwest Area
Problem Statement
Todays agricultural industry is closely tied to efficient access to information.  Iowa farmers and agricultural industries often look to ISU Extension for the most current research and information on crop production and protection issues.
Programmatic Response
Realizing this need, ISU Extension Crop Specialist Todd Vagts issues a weekly crop production and protection newsletter to farmers and agricultural professionals in west-central IA.  A survey was issued to the recipients asking them how much value the newsletter is to their operation
A recent survey to over 400 agricultural professionals and farmers that receive Vagts Crop Update indicated that information provided through the weekly newsletter saved them time and money.  On Average, the agricultural professionals indicated they saved $1500 per year through increased efficiency and accuracy in decision making processes and the farmers indicated they saved $2000 (per farm) through better informed management decisions.
Comments from recipients of the newsletter include: 
Todd, I just wanted you to know that your newsletters are very informative and helpful. I will be sharing your information with my Sale Rep. force.  Thanks - Agricultural Professional
Keep up the good work Todd. I look forward to your newsletter every week.  It is a weekly mini-course in Ag Management - Farmer, West-central IA

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