Crop Advantage

Virgil Schmitt, crop field specialist


Staying abreast of new technologies and evaluating their appropriateness for the farm business is a continual challenge for producers and those who advise producers.


A series of "Crop Advantage meetings was held across the state, including one in Mount Pleasant, with an attendance of 53 producers and 9 Certified Crop Advisors, some of which also farm.


On a 1 - 5 scale (1=Strongly Disagree, 2=Disagree, 3=Undecided, 4=Agree, and 5 = Strongly Agree) the responses to the evaluation were:
Mean Range
The information presented today was useful for my business / farm operation: 4.48 4 - 5
The presenters were prepared and knowledgeable: 4.52 4 - 5
This course met my needs and was worth the registration fee: 4.41 3 - 5 (Only one 3)On a scale of 1 - 4 (1=Poor, 2=fair, 3=Good, and 4=Excellent)
Overall, how do you rate this program: 3.68 3 - 4
Of the producers, the mean farm size was 327, and they estimated the information would improve their profitability $12.57 per acre, which is $4,110.39 per farm and $217,850.67 for all farms totalled.
Of the Certified Crop Advisors, the mean number of acres scouted was 7,028 and they estimated the information would improve their clients' profits by $28.16 per acre, which is $197,908.48 per Certified Crop Advisor and $1,781,176.32 for all advisors combined.
Combining the responses from both groups, the total value of the session was $1,999,026.99.

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