"Ag Chemical Dealer Update" Meetings

Virgil Schmitt, crop field specialist


Staying abreast of new technologies and evaluating their appropriateness for the farm business is a continual challenge for those who serve and advise producers.


A series of "Ag Chemical Dealer Update" meetings was held across the state, including one in Mount Pleasant, with an attendance of 27 dealers, some of which also farm.


Participants were asked to evaluate the meeting in terms of the newness and usefulness of the information on a scale of 0 (Not Useful or Old information) to 5 (Extremely Useful or New Information) Participants gave the newness a rating of 4.75 and the usefulness a rating of 4.4.
Participants were also asked to estimate the improvement in producer profits that would occur as a result of the dealers having participated in the session. The estimated the value at $13 per acre. The dealers, on average, deal with 15,200 acres of crop land. Multiplying value per acre by acres gives a value of the information of $197,600.

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