Soybean Rust: Issues and Facts

Virgil Schmitt, crops field specialist


Soybean Rust is a concern to soybean producers and dealers and consultants who service soybean producers. While much "hype" has occurred regarding Soybean Rust, it has been difficult for those with a soybean interest to find reliable information regarding this pest.


As part of a larger strategy organized by the Iowa Soybean Rust Team, Iowa participated in a multi-state distance education program entitles Soybean Rust: Issues and Facts, featuring experts from across the United States. Seven states in the upper Midwest participated, and Iowa had eleven sites. The demographics of the participants were (from evaluations returned - note that the per cents total over 100 because some people selected more than one response):
Participants Average Soybean Acres Total Soybean Acres

                      Participants     Average Soybean Acres  Total Soybean Acres
All All All
Iowa % States % Iowa States Iowa States
Soybean producer 28.57 17.77 484.17 1,422.01 5,810 99,541
Crop Consultant 21.43 18.53 11,444.44 12,775.34 103,000 932,600
Agri-business person 47.62 37.82 26,200.00 53,824.16 524,000 8,019,800
Media 2.38 1.78
Agency 9.62 20.05
Other 4.76 8.38
Total 632,810 9,051,941


Evaluation results: Those who agreed or strongly agreed with the statement "The program
Iowa All States
met my expectations." 95.24 97.19
increased my knowledge about soybean rust." 97.62 99.49
increased my ability to identify rust if present." 85.37 93.81
increased the likelihood I will scout for soybean rust." 85.71 82.22
increased my understanding of IPM strategies and options 97.62 95.64
for the control of soybean rust."

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